December 18, 2019

14 Fast Tricks to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Nowadays, promotion on Instagram has become a huge challenge for all brands. The popularity of a brand on Instagram has been measured in terms of followers. Thus, every brand works on getting more and more followers on their Instagram page.

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14 Fast Tricks to Increase Your Instagram Followers: eAskme
14 Fast Tricks to Increase Your Instagram Followers: eAskme

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In addition to this, there are some tips and tricks with which you can get lots of followers on your Instagram. Let’s read:

Make the best use of Instagram stories

Stories are a perfect place to showcase your followers what going on in your business projects.

You can show them behind the scenes, upcoming product launch, and QnA videos to interact with your followers and market your brand.

Organize Instagram contests

Contests always seem helpful when it comes to attracting a large number of audiences to your page.

By announcing impressive rewards and giveaways, you can gain a huge following on your Instagram page.

Also, declare the contests dates and details a few days ago to get more people on board.

Mention your followers in your Instagram posts

The incredible way to create more engagement on Instagram is to mention your followers and thank them.

You can tag them in your posts for liking and commenting on your posts.

Moreover, if someone sends you a feedback review for your products, you can also post it on your Instagram page.

Utilize the power of Instagram ads

Instagram ads though paid but an effective option to reach your target audience through Instagram.

You can schedule your posts based on geographical location, age group, and interests of your audiences.

This will give a boost to your posts and get you more likes and engagement on it.

Be creative with your content

Content is the key to get more followers on Instagram. If people like your content, then they will follow you and vice versa.

Do not stick to one content format; for instance, posting only images related to your products.

Instead, use different ways to attract followers like live sessions, videos, quizzes, games, etc.

Create your branded hashtags

Hashtags allow you to get to your target audience and increases the reach of your posts.

By creating your own branded hashtags, it will help you in making your Instagram community and people will easily recognize you and reach to you within no time.

Hire influencers

Influencers are the people on Instagram that has a wide fan following and help businesses or brand in boosting the followers of their respective accounts.

You can hire them and collaborate with them to reach a larger group of people and get more followers.

Provide special discounts for your followers

Discounts always attract customers. Similarly, it works on Instagram.

You can offer special discounted prices to the people in your Instagram community and other exciting deals to them.

By giving exclusive incentives to them, you can gain lots of followers and some potential leads too.

Go live

Live videos are an effective medium to interact one to one with your Instagram followers.

It can also be beneficial in product demonstrations and taking the queries of the people.

You can also collect genuine feedback and suggestions from the people through live videos.

Follow big brands and competitors

Always keep an eye on what your competitors are doing since it has become very competitive to promote a business on Instagram.

Notice the ways they are adopting to engage with people and learn from them on a regular basis.

It will make your Instagram marketing strategy more prosperous and promising.

Write pleasing captions

Creative captions are also essential, along with original content and high-quality images. Be short and precise while framing captions.

Insert necessary emojis to make it more comprehensible. Make sure it conveys people what your Instagram posts are all about.

Post consistently

Consistency is a must thing on Instagram. If you are not consistent in posting, then you will never get tons of followers.

Thus, be regular about your Instagram posting. Post at least 3-4 times daily on Instagram.

Think of other innovative ways to communicate with your followers and gaining their response.

Engage with your followers

To stay in touch with your followers is equally significant as posting images are. Respond to the likes and comments you receive on your posts.

Also, check your messages from time to time and reply to all the people out there.

Craft a captivating bio line

Bio is the first thing a person notices when viewing your profile on Instagram. If your bio is attractive enough, then the person will always follow you in order to get more content.

Don’t forget to include your brand name, link to your website, and a call to action in your bio.

Therefore, these are the 14 fast tricks to increase your Instagram followers.

You can also take the benefits of Instagram affiliate marketing programs.

If you still have any question,. feel free to ask me via comments.

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