September 19, 2014

How to Send Personalized Emails using Mail Merge in Gmail

Not only Microsoft Outlook and Word but also Gmail users have feature to use Mail merge with Google apps. You can easily write one message in Gmail and send personalized emails to multiple people.

Personalized mail merge in Gmail : eAskme
How to Send Personalized Emails using Mail Merge in Gmail : eAskme

Mail Merge With Gmail :

Mail merge is available as free and premium. In premium you get extra features like email tracking, support for personalized email attachments.

Features Free Premium Premium+
Supports Gmail and Google Apps        Yes      Yes                              Yes
Include file attachments        Yes      Yes                              Yes
Send mails using a different email alias        No      Yes                              Yes
Track outgoing messages with Google Analytics        No      Yes                              Yes
Include personalized file attachments        No      Yes                              Yes
Specify a different Reply-to address        No      Yes                              Yes
Auto-resume when email quota is exhausted        No      Yes                              Yes
Inline images support        No      Yes                              Yes
Installation Manual (PDF) included        No      Yes                              Yes
Support options Support Forums Email Support One-to-one support over Skype or Google Hangouts

You can get premium bu purchasing it through your credit card and debit card or PayPal. You can also ask for refund within 24 hours. In Gmail you will have a limit sending 100 messages on one day.

How to do Gmail Mail Merge :

Open and compost an email and save it in draft. You should mark text to personalize in outgoing messages. You can also add attachments in your email.

Save draft message and make copy of this spreadsheet  in Google Drive. You just need to change the name of columns according to your use.

You can add remove columns. Just keep the names of variable in Gmail and columns in spreadsheet same.

You now enter details of each recipient in each row. Fill details and go to mail Merge then click initialize. Now click on "Start Mail Merge" and select Gmail template you have created. Enter senders name click on BCC and then click on "Start Mail Merge".

When Mail Merge complete it will add one column on spreadsheet "Email_Sent".

Troubleshooting-Gmail Mail Merge :

  • Always test your draft template before sending email. 
  • If you reach 100 messages daily limit of Gmail then it will show error "Service Invokes too many times error".
  • If this seems confusing to you than you should use simpler version of Gmail Mail Merge using HTML.
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