September 19, 2014

Largest Email Providers

Are you looking for a free email service? you have options to choose.

You should choose wisely, your free email service provider will give you features like unlimited storage, fast and productive web interface, unlimited storage, access to programs and more. You can look for business email provider also.

Today we discuss about top free email services here and these are also best emailing services.

Largest Email Providers : eAskme
Largest Email Providers : eAskme

Top 12 free largest Email Providers :

Gmail : Free Email Service

Gmail is products of Google and chat and email service. They provide you unlimited free online storage. Gmail is simple and smart interface allow you to use this service easily without any hassle. IMAP and POP access bring Gmail to any email service or device.

Zoho Mail : Free Email Service

This is an email service with ample amount of storage, IMAP and POP access, integration with office tools. Zoho is also a professional email service, they help organizing emails, identifying key messages, contacts.

Yandex Mail : Free Email Service

Yandex offers rich and usable full email experience with strong access, mobile apps, IMAP and POP access with unlimited storage. Yandex also give you features like e-cards, templates, keyboard, reminders and keyboard shortcuts.

AIM Mail : Free Email Service

AIM is a free web based email service of AOL. They provide unlimited email storage, rich interface, good spam protection. But AIM lacks a bit in productivity, still it makes up with a powerful IMAP and POP access.

iCloud Mail : Free Email Service

iCloud is one free email service from Apple. It has elegantly functional wen and IMAP access. But they lack few features like POP access is missing and they do not have label feature. : Free Email Service is a free email service with unlimited storage with helpful and rich interface, using Exchange ActiveSync and POP in email programs. But IMAP is not part of it.

Yahoo!Mail : Free Email Service

Yahoo!mail is one of the best email service on the web, with unlimited storage, SMS texting, instant messaging and social networking. They provide smart folders free form labeling.

GMX mails and : Free Email Services

GMX mail and are reliable email services filtered well of viruses and spam. You can use their online storage with rich interface. MAP and POP are paid add on.

Shortmail : Free Email Service

Shortmail allow you to send email upto 500 characters per mail. It is a fast, reliable and easy email service. Shortmail provide simple ways to find and organize mail. : Free Email Service is not only a fast, high polished and functional way to access via either web or POP but also they give you 5 GB to storage. But do not support IMAP.

Facebook Messages : Free Email Service

Facebook messages include conversations and sms texts also. This is one of the simplest way to communicate. Facebook if good for a limited number of messages but to get unlimited or all your messages they are not good to handle it.

My Way Mail : Free Email Service

My way Mail is a free email service that is fast, fun and clean. It lacks non essential features and secure messaging.