October 25, 2014

Data Recovery Tools to Recover Deleted or Damaged Files

The top most importance in any company and for any individual is its Data. Each organization store and collect various types of data. Because of the extreme value of data, data recovery tools become essential part to business.

Users use online data backup tools like Skydrive, Dropbox and many more, Is is best to keep data on cloud, but what if you have to deal with corrupted data on your hard disk. How will you fix a video file which is partially downloaded or how to recover pictures from badly scratched cd/dvd?

Data Recovery Tools : eAskme
5 Data Recovery Softwares to Recover Deleted or Damaged Files : eAskme
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To secure data in such situations and recover quickly, there are so many free and paid data recovery software`s available. Today I will show you a list of data recovery software`s that you should use to recover data easily. But in the end it depend upon how badly your data is corrupted, is it possible to recover it or not.

Always keep 2 or 3 backups of your data.

5 The Best data recovery tools available:

Here I am showing you data recovery software`s which work for different files and most of them are free. There are amazing paid options also available

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Undela : Free Data recovery tool

This is one of the exceptional and free to use program. Udela has ability to recover deleted files quickly. Undela is also used to recover data from damaged hard disks. Even in case of power failure or virus attack it help you to recover data easily. Not only from hard drives but also from mdeia type, SD card and USB sticks.

It recover various type of files. Even if the file is deleted from recycle bin you can retrieve it.  Supported file allocation type includes XFS in Linux and FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, NTFS5 and NTFS 6 in windows.

I like this software because it is easily accessible to all. It has multilingual interface. It support languages like English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese. You can easily search deleted files by name.

It also show preview of any deleted document.


    Recover deleted files even if they deleted from the Recycle Bin
    Recover files deleted in the event of power failure or a virus attack
    Recover compressed files
    See a preview of deleted files
    One click recovery
    Search deleted files by mask or name
    Select hard drives to scann files
    Languages currently supported include English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.

Key Advantage:

    Recover deleted data from a range of different media types, e.g. Hard Drives, media type, SD card and USB sticks and more.

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CD Recovery Toolbox:

CD Recovery Toolbox is a free data recovery tool. It is ideal for recovering data from scratch, corrupt or damages CD`s or DVD`s. It also recover files from Blu-Ray discs and HD DVD. This is very easy to use, just select the drive to start the process. It usually do a quick recovery fo data.

But if CD or DVD is severely scratched then it take more time or may fail sometimes. But it still recover large amount of data they may be lost.

Key Advantage:

This tool ensures quick data retrieval and really easy to use

Mail PassView:

Mail PassView This tools help you to export your email account settings to ensure effective backup of any e-mail information. It support a number of email applications like Eudora, Incredimail, Windows Live mail and Outlook Express. You can run this software to find email login details and any other details.

You can copy this recovered information and save it in notepad. Your antivirus software may consider e-mail retrieval tool as a hacking tool, so it can alert you when you run it.

Key Advantage:

It is really simple to use, support a range of email clients and  easily exporting account details.


MP3val is best to recover corrupt MP3 files. This tool let you run a scan and fix MP3 files. Mp3val is able to fix majority of issues and automatically take backup. You can also use this software to fix MPEG files.

Key advantage:

MP3Val fixes MPEG files and corrupt MP3  also automatically creating a backup of the original files.


DivFix++ is the best option for recovering data from partially downloaded video files. This tool can fix any DivX(AVI) movie file. It has inbuilt error detection feature that find the problem and fix it. Also take original files in backup.

These are the best of those data recovery tools available online. Do share if you use any other data recovery software in comments. Also if you like this article don`t forget t share it on Google Pus, facebook and twitter.