October 25, 2014

Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector Online Website

Yahoo messenger is one of the most popular instant messenger that offer many features including Yahoo inviable status. Sometimes it is irritating for you when your friend don`t reply, so that you need to check whether your friend really online or not. You can check this even if he has set his status invisible by using Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector Sites. As I used they worked perfectly for me.
Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector Online Website : eAskme
Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detector Online Website : eAskme
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You can also use Yahoo Doodle trick to check if your friend online or not. For this all you need to do is open chat and load doodle environment, if its load that means your friend online and if its not that means he is offline.

List of Yahoo messenger Invisible Detector Sites:

Now we talk about personally verified list of sites to detect invisible users of Yahoo Messenger.


MySpytool is one of the popular yahoo status tracker site online. It also offers features like add 12 friends id and check their status. You can even check status upto last 24 hours of your friend. Registration is free here. After registration you can monitor upto 12 accounts.

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YmDetectoris also yahoo messenger invisible status detector site. It detect status of Yahoo user and also you can download yahoo avatar and one click chat. This is a well organized and most professional site. You can easily add many users then click on name to check status.


ImVisible  allow you to check status of your invisible friend also you can search friend on facebook using yahoo id. Just enter id of friend in facebook friend detector and it will show you if your friend online or facebook or not.

There are more online tracker sites available. All of them work in the same way, so you can pick any one from this list as they are personally checked.

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