October 24, 2014

Search Engine Submission Sites List

When people create a website or blog, then they need their websites to submit to search engines, so that search engines can index their sites and it will show in search results. It is good to submit your sites to search engines. So today we talk about Free Search Engine Submission Sites List To increase traffic 

free search engine submission sites list : eAskme
Search Engine Submission Sites List : eAskme
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But before we talk about search engine submission list or search engine submission sites list, there are 2 terms that you should be familiar and know what they are. They are Crawling and Indexing. I already got many questions about where people want to understand what is crawling and what is indexing and also the difference between crawling and indexing.

Crawling : What is Crawling?

Search engines have web crawler or spider that crawl the website. Crawling means to reach on every possible page on web to show those pages online in search results. Usually search engine crawl a page and then crawl all linked pages to that page. So it is always recommended to create your sitemap or your website or blog.

Indexing : What is Indexing?

Indexing comes after crawling. After crawling a web page search engine crawler or spider include it in their database and index it. For Example if you write article about "How to make money online" or "How to learn Blogging online" , so when crawler crawl this webpage, it indexes it and store page for keywords like "learn blogging online" or "make money online".

Normally you see search engines automatically crawl your site pages and index them, but if you do not have proper navigation then your pages might not show in search results.

So it is must to submit your content to search engines to make sure they are crawled and indexed quickly and correctly.

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Here we see the list of search engine submission sites.

Search engines submission list

(1) Bing :-

(2) Google :-

(3) Exalead :-

(4) Baidu :-

(5) Sogou :-

(6) Yandex :- https://webmaster.yandex.com/addurl.xml

(7) ActiveSearchResults

(8) InfoTiger :-

(9) Gigs Blast :-

(10) Anoox :-

(11) Amfibi :-

(12) Official :

(13) Wotbox :-

(14) FyberSearch :-

(15) Beamed :-

(16) UserTown :-

(17) Voila :-

You can also can take help of Multiple search engine submission sites : Search engine submission list. These sites will help to submit site to multiple search engines using single submit.

(1) MadSubmitter :-

(2) Free Web Submission :- https://www.freewebsubmission.com/

Tip of day: Pinging don`t help your site to rank higher it help your content to be crawled by all blog services.

Here is the Search engine submission list or search engine submission sites list to ping your website or blog to search engines quickly.

(1) Pingomatic :- https://pingomatic.com/

(2) Google Ping :- 

So now you see that we have talked about free search engine submission list that will help you to submit your site to search engines quickly and correctly. Search engine submission is important so always do it.

Do use these tools. and let us know which way you like to submit site to search engine. If you liek this article don`t forget to share on Facebook and Twitter.