October 12, 2014

5 Best Video Chat Software for Desktop

Video chatting is the best time-pass and boredom killer. It make conversation going on in real time. There are lot many online websites that offer video chatting, but most of them do not have good quality. So it is better to download best video chat softwares on desktop and use theme.
5 Best Video Chat Software for Desktop : eAskme
5 Best Video Chat Software for Desktop : eAskme
Today we discuss about top 5 best video chat softwares that you can download and use on Windows, Mac or Linux. We always like to use softwares that do not slow down performance of operating system.

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5 Best Video Chat Software/App

Google Talk:

Google Talk is the product of Google. Its voice and video quality is pretty awesome. It`s fast, clear and don`t use much resources. It`s video chat is available for windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Alternatively you can use Google+ to start video hangouts.

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Skype is the best video chat client. It`s free to download and have better quality. But its amazing video quality can slow down system and use lots of RAM. So it is preferred to Run Skype when not using anything else or have more RAM. Skype Video Call available for Windows, Mac and Linux. They also have group video chat feature. It also offer cheap VOIP Calls. Also check Skype Full Offline Installer, to save your bandwidth.

iChat for Mac:

iChat comes preinstalled in Macintosh desktops and best video and chat  for Mac operating systems. It also support Google talk and other instant messengers.

Empathy for Linux:

Empathy is built in chat client you get with Ubuntu Linux. But you can also get it on other Linux which has Gnome.It is very simple and  give multi chat client support. It has video and voice chat. Quality is Average but if you do not want to use Skype than it is best for you.


Pidgin is a multi messenger client. It offers video chat. It also allow you to make video calls. But quality is not that great like Google talk, yahoo or MSN. This available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Facebook video chat also works with Skype video technology. You can use Teamviewer   if you need video chat with screen sharing. Yahoo chat rooms are more useful or you can use Online video chat rooms like chatroulette, Omegle. We love to know which chat client or software you use for video chat or simple chats.

These are the best video chat softwares. I believe that you never need to use Pidgin as others work better for you. You decide which is better for you and do let us know in comments.