October 16, 2014

How to Block people on Facebook

Facebook is world`s no 1 social network. More than 900,000 people visit facebook everyday. You can talk with your firneds, play games and do much more on facebook. To make your account secure you need to do some privacy settings. Today we will discuss about how you can block people on facebook.

How to Block people on Facebook : eAskme
How to Block People on Facebook : eAskme

People who have their revals or ex`s, it is good idea to block them by keeping them in Facebook block list.

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Here is guide to Facebook block feature. In just few easy steps you can block anyone on facebook. So lets see how to block people on Facebook easily.

Steps to Block People on Facebook:

  • Go to facebook.com and login with your account details. 
  • Go the the profile of person you want to Block.
  • Click on the ... box next to message button.
  • A dropdown will show you Block option
  • Click on "Block".
  • Click on "Confirm"
  • Now the person will get blocked and you see message " You've blocked "Person Name". We're sorry that you've had this experience."

What will happen when you have Blocked someone on FB:

  • If you thinking why people block others, I show you benefits of Blocking feature.
  • Person will not see your profile again
  • Person will not able to see any updates you do.
  • Can`t see your pic on comments.
  • Person won`t be able to send you message or poke you.
  • You will also not be able to see that persons updates.

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That means when you block someone on facebook that persons profile will show as dosen`t exist for you and same for that person as he also not able to see your account. I use this feature to get rid of spammers.

Do share if you used Facebook blocking feature before and if you have faced any issue?