October 13, 2014

4 Useful Google Plus Vanity URL sites [Update]

Google plus is an awesome social network for Internet marketers and media lovers. Even its Google Plus button ;you can see everywhere.There are many features in Google Plus as you can get Vanity URL.

Update: Google has finally decided to shut down Google Plus. That means you need other sites like Google Plus.
Google Plus Vanity URL Sites : eAskme
Google Plus Vanity URL Sites : eAskme
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Like facebook Google Plus also offer custom URL. You can either use Google Plus Vanity Urlk or you can use third party sites that offer redirection. Long Url`s always annoying and don`t give any personal or professional look.

So here we talk about 4 Google plus Vanity URL sites.

Create custom username with Google Plus Vanity URL Websites :

It is always good to have a custom URL of your profile. Google also allow you now to create your own custom username for your Google Plus ID. But if you wnat to use other service then  we talk about best sites with good reputation.

Gplus to

You can use this site to change Google Plus URL of your profile. Choose nickname and nickname should not exceed 25 characters. Now create nickname for Google Plus account. Now enter number of Google Plus URL in "Your Google+ ID" field then click on "ADD". Link to go to Gplus.


This help you to get shorter URL. You just add username of your Google Plus account and click on "Create" then its done.

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Goplus us:

Goplus  is simplest of all sites, just enter nick name then Google+ ID and click on "Make URL".

Glpl us:

do same job in 3 simple steps. Enter your nickname, enter number of URL of Google Plus ID and Login to account from Glpl.us.

The only one issues with these sites is that they can shut down at anytime. As right now Google also giving you custom username for your Google Plus profile so it will be always better to use Google Plus custom URl feature.

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