October 12, 2014

Facebook Pranks friends

Facebook is world`s no 1 social network. Mostly people use facebook to chat share pictures and videos. But it is also a good place to play pranks. Facebook pranks bring fun if you get bored.

Facebook Pranks to Woo Your Friends : eAskme
Facebook Pranks to Woo Your Friends : eAskme

What are Facebook Pranks?

Facebook pranks will help when you feel bored on facebook. Pranks can make fun and sometimes also make people to lose their temper. But pranks only meant to have fun and make everyone laugh without any trouble.

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Some Facebook Pranks that You Should Try

Everyone do their own kind of pranks but here I talk about few funny pranks that you can try. But remember pranks should never be used to insult or disrespecting anyone.

Change Personal Details:

This is one of the simplest prank. Change your sexual orientation, relationship status and make announcements.

Status Update:

Post something funny or shocking like "Was arrested last night", "got fired", "Pregnant" or some other than come in your mind. This will surely work and you see comments and comments on it.

Notification Spamming:

This can be annoying. So just play it with good friend. Start liking everything they do and tehy start getting notification like spammed.

The Fake Profile Link:

Post a status update with this link http://facebook.com/profile.php?=73322363. this take teh person to their own profile. You can post like " Someone is missing, find him". you can add many funny status as you think. Who click on it will land on their own profile page and get confused.

Identity Theft:

Copy all details including profile pic of your friend and generate a fake facebook profile. Make new profile look like the same as original profile and you will see funny results.

Warning: Do not attempt Facebook pranks with enemies or people you do not know.

So these are the pranks that make everyone laugh and as they are pranks so soon everyone forget about them. Try them and let us know in comments how you enjoyed any of them.