February 10, 2015

How To Increase Your AdSense Income From Existing Traffic

Google Adsense is the first choice of each blogger, because it is the most common answer for any newbie who want to start making money online by showing ads on their blogs.

How To Increase Your AdSense Income From Existing Traffic : eAskme
How To Increase Your AdSense Income From Existing Traffic : eAskme
When a newbie start making blog his plan is to create a blog, get traffic and apply for Adsense it start making money online for them. But there are lot of tips to improve earning from Google Adsense. Adsense works best if you have quality traffic and also using high CPC keywords.

You can see that if two blogs with same traffic get different traffic. So if you want to increase your earning with the same traffic here are some tips for you.

Working Tips to Increase Adsense Earning:

This little effort will help you to increase your total income without much effort.

Visibility Factor

Visibility of ads play major role in increase number of clicks on ads. Its just simple as if they don`t see than they don`t click it.

So place ads at highly visible positions:
  • Above or below title
  • Top sidebar or header

You can try using services like Crazy Egg to clicktale to check where are your reader looking at your blog. Crazy egg will create a heat map to show places where people are clicking and looking. If you don't want to spend anything than use clicktale for free 100 pageviews.

Large is Noticeable :

In last few months Google Adsense has come uo with large ad units 300x600 and 970x90 unit. As they also know that bigger ads get more attention. The large always get noticed easily.


Mostly it is said that you can place 3 ad units on one page. But you can actually place eight ad units on a page.

These 8 units are 3 standard ad units, three link units and two search forms.

So when Google allow you to place these many why u still on 3.

More units have good effect on clicks as they show variety of ads. Place ad units at prominent place of your blog. Its good to place above the fold and around content area.

Color Combination :

It comes to get attention of the people. If you place test ads between the content then merge it with your post. It will increase readers looking and clicking at ads. Ad thin boundary to differentiate your ad from content or you can make it odd.

Means if background is white than use different background for ads.

Use Double Click for Publishers (DFP)

Google`s DFP is a free ad server program which allow you to sell ads on blogs, so you can sign up for DFP for make some money.
  • Create ad space to sell
  • Sell ad space to advertisers.
  • Create and manage campaigns.
  • Deliver ads and get paid for it.
Till the time you are not getting ads for your blank space that you have made for DFP, you can link your DFP with adsense to show adsense ads in that blank space. This will help you earn more.

Make Ads responsive:

Make ads responsive so they can fit into the screens of tablets and mobiles also. This will help you earn more as people on mobile and tablets see ads.


Use combination of images and text ads or mis it with affiliate ads and adsense ads. Make changes to give fresh look as it will catch eyes of readers and also more click.

But above all you always remember to give quality content to your readers. Work on getting more and more traffic as more traffic result in more revenue. If you like this post then do share it.

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