July 15, 2018

Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide

Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement GuideAdsense heatmap is very common word when we talk about increasing adsense CPC. Today I will tell you what is heat map and best adsense ad placement ideas.

Google Adsense is the best contextual advertising network to earn from blogging.  Each blogger have its target to earn but he can`t risk to place ad in the middle of post.

Place your adsense ads can increasing your traffic if you do not annoy your visitors with your ads.

Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide : eAskme
Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide : eAskme

Adsense Heatmap : Google Adsene Ad Placement Guide ?

This guide will help you increasing revenue : First see the Official Google Adsense Heat map and see best ad placements.

Image of Adsense Heatmap :
We all know that non technology websites make more money then technology sites, because readers of technology sites do not visit ads, but dating or tourism websites earn more as their visitors visit ads.

Image of Adsense Heat map : eAskme
Image of Adsense Heatmap : eAskme
For ads first think of these :

  • Why readers are on your blog?
  • Content is important or advertisement?
  • Where to keep advertisement without annoying readers.

 "Smart work is better then hard work"

You should focus on writing good content and also placing ads on right place. Remember Traffic creates income.

Best ad placement guide:
Before starting this first know the maximum number of allowed adsense ad units.

When you place ads between posts then always be careful with keywords.
  • Ad placement in header have better CTR.
  • You can place ads between content.
  • Adsense for search also increase your revenue, place it where it is easily accessible.
Few more places where you can place ad for better CTR:
  • Above the post.
  • Sidebar banner.
  • Sidebar video unit.
I personally suggest that place ads without annoying your readers. Another post that will help you earn more with adsense is Adsense for search.

Let us know if you follow adsense heatmap or you have your own style of placing ads.
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