February 10, 2015

How to Increase Visual Content Engagement?

Visual content always performs better than simple text content. Why? Because human memory consume more from visual rather than just reading. We remember 80% of what we see and 20% of what we read. So you see how important a visual content is for your blog and blog posts.

Visual content is more engaging. It keep visitors longer on your site or blog and the longer you can hold attention of a person the greater chance of them converting into subscribers, followers, buyers etc.
To engage audience with your content it is really necessary to have content of very high quality which attract eyes. So, what does “high quality” mean? You need to choose topic of interest according to your target audience. Have awesome design and a well planned promotion.

This infographic I ma sharing here to make you clearly understand how to create high quality visual content and make a plan.

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Visual content is increasingly becoming trend and gaining more value day by day. So don`t forget to use Videos, images, infographics in your blog posts to increase reader engagement.

I also have tested that on which articles I use any visual content like image or video, those articles have 3 times more traffic than simple text articles.

As now you know How to Increased Visual Content Engagement. Start using quite attractive and informational visual content on your site or blog. If you find this helpful, do share on twitter, and Google Plus.

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