March 24, 2024

How to Setup Google Tag Manager for Tag Management on Your Site?

Google tag manager (GTM) if a new product of Google which is totally free. It make life of life of a Webmaster easy. We all know that every website we create, we add so many tags in that. If you have add tag manually to many of your posts then you have do go in your website and make changes in the code. Google tag manager help you there to manage tags from single web interface. You can easily add and remove tags. Using single tag in tag manager help increase speed of it.

Today we will discuss about how to use Google Tag manager and how to manage all Website tags from one place.

Google Tag Manager for Tag Management : eAskme
Google Tag Manager for Tag Management : eAskme

Getting started with Google Tag manager:

You just need to add Google Tag Manager code into website. It will manage all your site tags. See complete feature list here.

Lets start with Google ad tag manager site. Login with Google account. You should know following things:
  • Account : Name of the account. 
  • Container: Name of the Website.
  • Tags: Create different tags under one container for easy tag management.
  • Rules: Define where and when tag will be executed. 
You can also allow other users to manage your tags. This is very useful when a developer working for you to add or remove code or if you are running an advertising company. This way you don`t give direct access to your site.

Now we will see how to use Google tag manager for eAskme tag management and adding BSA  and Google Analytics script.
Login to Google Tag Manager and create name of your company. Like I use eAsker as company name and later I add eAskme as one container.

Click on "Save". A code code for container will show now. You just need to add in every page of your blog. Add this code before </body> tag.

At the Bottom, click on Google analytics to add GA using Google Tag Manager. Add Google analytic Web property ID and click on "Add rule" to tag. Select default rile which is "All Pages" and Click on Save to add this tag.

Similarly you can create 3rd party script to add in every page of your blog. Always Change tag type to HTML.

How to Publish tag in Google tag manager:

Click on "version" to check the "preview" of the newly added tag. if it works fine then click on "Publish"

"Users and settings" option allow you to add new users. You can again find the created code in users and settings => Settings and add the code.

If you think that thi is a bit technical, then try it and you will find that Google tag manager make everything easier for you. If you still can`t do it then show this article to your developer

GTM is the best tool for me for tag management. I need not to make changes on every singe site. You can also refer tag management on SEOMoz guide.
If you have any question or suggestion do let me know in comments. Use this tutorial for tag management, and let me know your experience.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me via comments.