Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program?

I have already shared about many affiliate programs to make money online. I have been asked one question by few readers that which affiliate system is better, Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program.

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Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program? : eAskme
Should You Join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program? : eAskme
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So today I will answer about both type of affiliate systems and also discuss that which affiliate system is worth using.

Direct affiliate or affiliate marketplace

Which is more beneficial to join between Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program- an affiliate program offered by the affiliate marketplace or a direct affiliate program offered by vendor?

Usually you have seen that all big companies as GoDaddy or Hostgator and BlueHost run affiliate programs on various places. This helps these companies to join more affiliates to their programs and this also helps them to get free and easy marketing. As an affiliate marketer and professional blogger, it is really important for you to choose between Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program and decide which affiliate platform work best for you. In this affiliate guide, I will discuss everything that will help you to choose the right platform to connect with any affiliate program.

Important Tip: Remember that only a few companies offer affiliate programs via a 3rd party marketplace and in-house affiliate programs. These companies generate great revenue because of their brand value.

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Joining Affiliate Marketplace vs. Direct Affiliate Program

Minimum payout:

Payment threshold is one of the major question to consider before joining any direct affiliate program. High minimum payout will make you wait longer to get paid. But when you sign up for the marketplace, their minimum payout is actually the total revenue you have earned with all affiliate programs that you are promoting. Usually a low traffic website generate less sales so it make no sense to join direct affiliate program than affiliate marketplace. SO in this case your choice should be affiliate marketplace.

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Ease of Using Affiliate Software and Tracking system:

This is also one of the major factor that you should consider. There is no doubt that Hostgator has most popular affiliate programs, but affiliate software is uo-to the mark. There are many affiliates complaint that have same issue. In such cases such it is recommended to join an affiliate marketplace rather than joining direct affiliate program.

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How I know all this?

I have joined Hostgator’s affiliate program via shareasale.com, and there is no invalid sign up or charge-back so far. I am getting far better conversions than I was getting on in-house affiliate program.

Payment method:

Payment method is also one of the considerable factor. Many companies still pay via check. There are some problems with payout via check. Sometimes you may not receive check and then you have to make re-issue request.

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Commission on Volume or Single sign-up:

This is also one of the important factor which you should consider before deciding which affiliate program to join.  Usually affiliate programs increase commissions, based on number of sales. But this feature mostly available only in the in-house affiliate program.

Remember: You should negotiate commission amount with affiliate manager if you are generating considerable amount of sales.

These are the most important factors which you should consider before making your decision to join Affiliate Marketplace or Direct Affiliate Program.

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I also recommend that you should learn from experience of other affiliate marketers or else make your own judgment.

Do let me know any other important factors which I may have missed. How do you choose which affiliate program to join?

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