March 28, 2019

How does Self-Served ad Platform Work?

Digital advertising world is facing dramatic changes and as a result we can see significant growth of self-serving advertising platforms. Just have a look at Snapchat and its Ad Manager. The system was released only a year ago, but it made possible for many companies of any size to serve different video ads of platform.

How does Self-Served ad Platform Work?: eAskme
How does Self-Served ad Platform Work?: eAskme
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Actually, Snapchat was the last one who has joined the party after Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. The process before was time and efforts consuming.

Unfortunately it is still ok for numerous companies to spend thousands dollars to have personal ad campaigns when they simply want to post ads in the app.

Changes are normal for developing societies and technologies, but it all require a decent preparation, otherwise we may ruin the whole branch.

Natural evaluation

Users free interaction with content as well as the volume of data has launched a logical shift to self serve systems.

The problem is that all the system need years to earn confidence from users’ side and first of all start their work without advertisements at all. And only after it we can talk about auctions of self serving.

Main advantage of self-served ads in social networks is that you don’t have to pay any management fees and have minimum expenses for ads.

Big income is easily earned as companies with no-matter-budget get democratic access to ad space.

We can see great benefits there in saving money on workers, time and resources.

Interaction with each company in a manual mode is really long and may not the same effective.

Why everybody can’t become self serve in advertising?

Ad managers are the most convenient and easiest for everyone in advertising area, thus switching into such mode seems to be mostly a matter of time.

We are even inclined to think deeper of it, hulk vessel of broadcasting will also join it.

But, what is a bit sad, it will take thousands of time more than for digital world as the processes are deeply stated in the culture.

We expect that everybody in digital advertising from social networks will become self served.

Does it seem too unbelievable or unrealistic?

Well, Google was the first one who has challenged it and proved that impossible requires just a bit more time than usual things.