September 12, 2015

Facebook Will Livestream for Public Figures

By Sonia
Facebook recently announced that there will be more live streaming in news feed, but with this new feature any journalist or public figure will be seen in live stream. But the id must be verified. That means that the Facebook mentions app that was reserved for musicians and celebrities is also available for public figures.
Facebook Will Livestream for Public Figures : eAskme
Facebook Will Livestream for Public Figures : eAskme

This new feature will be similar to other as that is used for live streaming Examples such as Meerkat or Periscope. People will be able to stream live video while being able to go back and forth with other viewers to message them in a chat box.

With this new app. Users can see what is being said about them. Also it can help explore topics you follow. With Mentions, Pages has the option to to publish posts for only followers of for public.

But this app is being tested right now. Do you remember when Facebook just started to introduce advertising? It was only for a certain number of brands. But now anyone can get an ad u in just a few minutes.

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So it is possible that Facebook can be going to same route with the live streaming app. But it is admitted it depends on how the live streaming is used. If it is seen as popular Facebook will keep expanding and improving it.

If you are a public figure and your id is verified you can download this app from your app store for your device and log in to Facebook.

But if your id isn't verified you need to fill out a form to verify your id.

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What do you think of this new app? Mentions. Do you think it will be a success? I think it will be interesting to see how people respond to it. You have any thoughts? Feel free to share it with us.