Instagram Own Advertising Platform for Users

It was recently announced that as of 30 September 2015 Instagram will  have a self serve platform for all users. It will also be available worldwide.
As of 30 September Instagram will Open its Own Advertising Platform for Users : eAskme
As of 30 September Instagram will Open its Own Advertising Platform for Users : eAskme
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It was previously available to only a limited amount of brands. Now with this big Instagram step knows that this change means new opportunities for promoting businesses.

This platform will be the run the same way as those run by Facebook. It will be similar in the sense that the advertisers will have the chance to make sure the posts is seen by those who are interested in their specific demographics.

No crop apps for Instagram

Even now Instagram is proud of the fact that it can have ads for a range of subjects or interests. Examples such as app installs, revenue, sales and more. These ads is said to be on their way. Also product pages will be able to direct people to e-commerce sites.

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New features will be added to already existing ads. Now advertisers will be able to run ads on the new Instagram landscape or portrait methods. Every ad will run for 30 seconds.

There will be new tools available for those who want to manage ads. Also there is a new product that is known as Marquee that will be revealed. The intention of this design is for those who want to drive massive engagement from users in a very short time. There is other new products that will be launched too. Limited time sales, webinar sign ups and more.

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For businesses it is good news

What do you think about this news? You interested in it? I think it can be good for bushinesses acknowledging the fact that Instagram can be a great source of traffic and also income. if you have any thoughts. Feel free to let us know.

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