Things Which You need to quit Crowdsourcing on Facebook

May be you want to crowdsource in new year. But when you do this be careful there are certain things that you need to care when crowdsourcing on facebook.

You can make them feel bored by few lazy, desperate or worse crowdsource. So here I will tell you what you need not to crowdsource on facebook.

Things Which You need to quit Crowdsourcing  on Facebook : eAskme
Things Which You need to quit Crowdsourcing  on Facebook : eAskme
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Things Which You need to quit Crowdsourcing  on Facebook

What I am eating:

If you say "I dont know what to eat or I am eating what i eat regular". I am sure noone cares what and why you saying this. Some decision you have to make yourself, don`t be boring.

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What you can find easily:

Don`t ask for something what you can find yourself. Like number of pizza delivery, you can find it anywhere in newspaper or get from your friend. facebook is good if you are creative.

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My Next tattoo:

You have ink and you want something more? It`s good for you. But believe me noone care about which design you are going to regret soon. We also do not want to see a pic of still-blinded patch of skin.

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Travel recommendations with name:

Now if you ask that other to recommend you "a bar to bar which known as moito in Mauritius" Well you yourself telling others where you are going so asking for fake recommendation is totally useless and look like that you are the biggest boaster.

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Never ever post on facebook that you are going to kick your job soon or want to. No matter your boss on your friend list or not, this post idea will definitely kick you out of job soon. As there can be many others who are waiting to see you out of your job.

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Brag!Brag and Brag

Stop bragging about yourself. Treat everyone as human and don`t be bossy or else you will never find anyone looking at your wall or post.

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Final Words:

There are many things which you should now use to crowdsource. I believe after reading above points you have a pretty good idea of what not to share on your facebook wall. If you do have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask me.