Facebook Makes It Possible To Send Money Between Friends

Facebook has announced addition of an awesome feature to its Messenger service to allow friends to securely and easily send money to each other on facebook. This feature is absolutely free. This feature is going to be available to US users.

Facebook Makes It Possible To Send Money Between Friends : eAskme
Facebook Makes It Possible To Send Money Between Friends : eAskme
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Facebook making sending money as easy as sending a photo. 

How to Send Money on Facebook

  • Start a conversation with a friend
  • Click on $
  • Enter amount you want to send
  • Click on Pay
  • Add your debit card details to send the money.

How to Receive Money Sent on Facebook

  • Open the message from your friend
  • Click on Add Card
  • Add your debit card info to accept money. 

You only to need to add debit card information first time.

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Money transfer immediately, but it may take two or three business days depending on your bank.

I believe that it could have a significant impact on online transactions.

It is also good for solopreneurs and freelancers to get paid if they’re doing work for Facebook friends.

Facebook has promised that payments always be secure on social network, separate from other parts of the Facebook.

Payments can be made with a MasterCard or Visa or debit card issued by US bank. When this feature go live, Facebook payments will be available to US users.

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