May 15, 2018

Best Sites Like Humble bundle: Best Sites to Buy Games, Softwares, eBooks etc.

Sites like Humble bundle, why I am talking about them? What is the humble bundle? Most of the times when you visit gaming sites you find only games. But there is a site that not only known for making high-quality games available for you to buy but also, allows you to donate some bucks along with the charity for a noble cause.

This is a kind of unique thing that you may find in the gaming industry. Donations are not what most of the gaming sites are looking for. That is what makes humble bundle different than other gaming sites. Today I am going to find and share some Humble Bundle alternatives with you.

I have listed some of the most favorite high-quality alternative sites humble bundle. These are the sites that you find quite similar to humble bundle. These are the sites that also allow you to do the charity.

What is Humble Bundle?

Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme
Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme
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At Humble Bundle, you can buy games, software, digital content; ebooks etc. It is mainly a distribution platform. It was founded in 2010. The sites talk about charity when providing some high-quality products at great prices.

Top 10 sites like Humble Bundle:

The sites I am sharing here also are the distribution site like humble bundle where you can buy games, softwares, ebooks etc. This list helps you choose the best alternative of the humble bundle.

Bundle in a Box:

Bundle in a Box: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Are you looking for well-organized sites like Humble Bundle? Then Bundleinthebox is for you. The site has decided games into a different genre. On this site, you will find games of all types such as RPG, Puzzle games, SCi-fi, mobile games, action adventure games etc.

You can even check the reviews of the games before making the final decision. Reviews help you to find that the game is for you or not. You can also like to explore their recent addition and top-rated games.

You may not find such features on other sites like Humble Bundle. But, on this site, you will find games only.


Fanatical: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Bundle stars now known as fanatical are one of the best sites like Humble Bundle. Bundle stars are the place where you can find quality games. You will easily find the site following the same charity functionality.

At Fanatical, you will game bundled offers. It is said that they have sold over 27 million steam games to date.

Fanatical is a highly popular platform for game lovers. That is why it is one of the best sites like the Humble Bundle. It is running in 200+ countries and earned the great reputation in this business. You will find some mouth-watering deals in bundle offers on this site. You will not only find quality sites but also find some large bundles over there.


Cubic Bundle:

Cubic Bundle is also one of the popular gaming bundle sites like Humble Bundle. You can purchase games not only in bundles but single sites also. You need to do hurry to buy the gaming bundle you want as the bundle stays on this site for short period.

Keep visiting the site every day to grab the best deal.

The cubic bundle is a worthy addition in the list of sites like the humble bundle. It also works on the “Pay for what you want” formula. You will quickly find great packages on this site. It is one of the most entertaining places for gamers only.

Sometimes, you can even grab a bundle for as low as $1. Purchasing system is highly secure, and they do not ask you to save your details.

Daily Indie Games:

List of sites like Humble Bundle cannot complete without including Daily Indie Games. You cannot skip the list of some awesome bundle games here. The sites are getting regularly updated, so it will be great if you can keep visiting the site daily.

Daily Indie Games is a place for best bundle games with discount prices and wonderful offers.
You may not find many games in their bundles but what you see is the best at competitive price. You should register on this bundle gaming site to ultimately access the database.

I must tell you that there is no refund policy on this site, so you should know that you will not get the refund for any wrong payment. You can buy games as low as $0.05.

Flying Bundles:

Flying Bundles: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Flying Bundles is one of the best sites that I like to share in first place in the list of best Humble Bundle alternatives. Flying Bundles are soon planning to come up with new bundles. This is similar to Humble Bundle, but they only distribute bundles of games. The reason why the site is selling bundles is that it reduces the price as compared to buying a single game. This makes people buy more from the site.

Flying Bundle was born in 2013 and became successful in no time.

You can easily find some awesome high-quality gaming bundles on this site. According to the site they work by “pay what you want”. Here you will decide what you want to pay for buying the bundle.

They are also in charity work. They donate the collected charity amount to different charity platforms. Like most of the sites like Humble Bundle, you need to have a PayPal account to make secure purchase, or you can try some other options. It is a safe site for online transactions.



Groupees: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Looking for “Bundle of joy”, then Groupee is the right place for you. You will be surprised to see this alternative of Humble Bundle as you will find the lowest price per game in their bundles. You can not only buy games, music, comics, and ebooks too. This Teens love this site.

Groupees made it's placed in the list of the alternative sites Humble bundle because they deal in various items. You can also find single games listed in their database. You will also see games made by them and sold to steam.

All the deals are for the limited period. You can easily find the cheaper game bundles.

Indie Gala:

Indie Gala: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Indie Gala is another site in the list of Humble bundle alternatives. It also offers gaming bundles at very affordable prices. This makes people fall in love with this site. You can also find the single games to buy, but definitely, their prices will be higher than then bundle games.

At Indie gala, you will find some new and exciting offers every day to attract customer to buy more games. You can also participate and win free giveaways.

I recommend you to visit the site daily to find the best deal for you. Keep visiting their giveaway section and who knows that you might win. The indie gala is also following the charity tradition.
In most of the bundles, you will find 10-12games easily, But, you can also look for less or more gaming bundles.


Lazy Guys Bundle:

Lazy Guys Bundle: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Lazy guys bundle is not as lazy as you think. This is one of the sites like Humble bundle where you can buy games only. You will find various offers and discounts on this site. You can purchase a bundle even at $3.

The site works like other sites like Humble Bundle on “Pay for what you want” method. You can quickly get around ten games in a gaming bundle.  It is user friendly and fast site.


Stack Social Bundle:

Are you looking for the list of alternatives sites Humble Bundle? You will be surprised to know that on this site you will not find ebooks, music or games. Still, I have included this it's in the list of sites like the Humble Bundle.

Because, you will find online courses, apps, softwares, drones, programs etc. on this site.

Story Bundle:

Story Bundle: Sites Like Humble bundle: eAskme

Your search for kind of sites like Humble Bundle takes you to Story Bundle. It is the site where you can buy books only. This is the unique type of concept for the sites like the Humble Bundle. Whenever you buy books from this site, some money of your payment goes to their donation chamber.

At Story Bundle, you will find most of Indie books written by Indie authors. You can not only find bundles but single books also. You will see some of the awesome and unique books in their database. You will be just finding reputed and quality books. Usually, a bundle contains 6-9 books.

You can never find some other type of bundle sites when you compare them with sites like Humble Bundle. You will be paying only for what you want to buy. You need to choose the books and decide what price you want to spend.

You can not only buy courses but also get certifications in the bundles. You can purchase lifestyle products and electronics in bundles.

If you want to learn something at the affordable price, then this site is for you. It also follows the same “pay for what you want “formula like other sites like Humble Bundle. You will love to explore this site.

Final Words:

Sites like Humble bundle are worthy for those who want to buy bundle games at less price. Sites are also valuable as they take part in charity. You should check these sites like Humble Bundle to find the best deals for you.

Next time when you need something in best price go for websites like Humble Bundle.

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