7 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives

Why you need sites like StumbleUpon? StumbleUpon shut down its operations worldwide. This has made people, or social marketers look for the best sites like StumbleUpon or find the best alternatives to StumbleUpon. The reason why people are looking for a better site like StumbleUpon because it was a clean and organized website.

8 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme
8 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme
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Stumbleupon has shut down the website, and that was sad news for social bookmarkers. Stumbleupon was an elegant social bookmarking site.

Stumbleupon has thanked its users and shared that they are stopping the website to give birth to a new website Mix.com.

Most of you want to know the reason why StumbleUpon shut down.

In this article, I will share why Stumbleupon has closed its website and what are the sites like StumbleUpon where you can bookmark your links.

What is StumbleUpon and Why did Stumbleupon Shut down?

8 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme

If you are a blogger, web developer or SEO, then you may already know what Stumbleupon was. Stumbleupon was a popular social bookmarking site where most of the webmasters or content marketers were submitting their links for exposure. Since 2002, Stumbleupon was running as the top social bookmarking site.

In the past few years, Stumbleupon was facing fierce competition from other social bookmarking sites. It has faced fierce competition from popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The StumbleUpon team has learned from their experience and decided to launch a new social media center MIX. Mix is not

just a new face of StumbleUpon team but also a new addition to content curation site.

You can also call it one of the best sites like StumbleUpon or best Stumbeupon alternative.

Best apps and sites like StumbleUpon:

StumbleUpon is officially dead. If you visit the site, you will see the message to visit Mix.com. This is the time when you need to look for the best alternatives to StumbleUpon.

Here are the best sites like StumbleUpon:


7 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme

Mix.com is the official and best site like StumbleUpon. The best thing about this content curation site is that StumbleUpon developer team has created this site. Mix.com allows you to create collections, add articles in already existing collections, you can add videos, music, and links, etc.

You can easily share the submitted content on other social networks.

You can also build connections by following other collections.

Site: Mix.com


7 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme

Reedit.com is another popular website like StumbleUpon. It is one of the famous and oldest content curation or social bookmarking site. Reddit is the place to submit links, create subreddits, add text, write comments and start discussions.

You can find a massive database of images, videos, stories, memes, articles, and jokes on Reddit. You can also see the best-curated content on Reddit. You can use Reddit.

Sites: Reddit.com


7 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme

Pinterest is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon. It is a social bookmarking site based on pictures. You cannot add a bookmark without a photo, video or gif. Pinterest also you to search images, infographics, and Videos. You can also follow the content according to your interest.

You can create Pinterest Boards to submit the content. You can also comment, share and favorite the content you have provided.

Site: Pinterest.com


7 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme

Pearltrees.com is a popular social network and the best alternative to StumbleUpon. You can add anything on Pearltrees. You Cannot only add your links but can ass links, videos, and images of others also. You can also attach documents, notes and educational material on this site. It is a user-friendly site.

You can browse categories and follow thee categories related to your interest. You can also build connections with other users. Pearltrees also allow you to share content on shared classes. You can opt for the paid account to hide the content you share.

Site: Pearltrees.com


Pinboard is another popular addition in this list of social bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon. Using the social bookmarking site is secure. You may find it different than other social bookmarking sites. On Pinboard you can store and organize content. You can search submitted content on Pinboard using "Tags." You can also follow public bookmarks.

It an easy to use the bookmarking site. You can copy bookmarks from other sites such as Instapaper and Twitter.

The best thing about this site is that you will not ee tracking and advertisements. You can start using this site by paying $11/year.

Site: Pinboard.in


NextStories is a place to submit stories. It is placed to submit new stories and blogs. You can do this by using the social bookmarking button. You can also find related stories from many popular or similar websites. You can see the curated content from popular sites like PopSugar, TechCrunch, etc.


7 Best Sites like Stumbleupon | Amazing Stumbleupon Alternatives: eAskme

Instapaper.com is also a favorite place to submit and find bookmarks online. It is not just another site like StumbleUpon.

You can easily bookmark anything you want on this website. You can bookmark not only links but also save lyrics, songs, videos, articles, etc.

You can efficiently manage multiple bookmarks on this website.

Site: Instapaper.com

Final Words:

To boost your social presence these sites like Stumbleupon will help you. These will help you easily curate content and boost your social bookmarking for exposure.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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