Twitter Unmention: Twitter Feature that will Let Users Untag Themselves

Twitter is working on a feature that will let users untag themselves from the tweets. Till now, we call it Twitter unmention.

Twitter’s privacy designer, Dominic Camozzi, has shared the screenshots displaying how the Twitter unmention will work.

Twitter Unmention: Twitter Feature that will Let Users untag themselves: eAskme
Twitter Unmention: Twitter Feature that will Let Users untag themselves: eAskme

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It is an important feature. Till now, Twitter users do not have any feature to untag themselves from the tweets.

How to Unmention Yourself on Twitter?

Twitter unmention feature will give the ability to the users to unmention themselves.

To unmention yourself from a Tweet, you have to click the “...” icon and select “Unmention yourself from this conversation.”

How to Unmention Yourself on Twitter?: eAskme

Your Twitter profile link will be removed from that tweet.

How to Manage Twitter Mentions from the people you do Not Follow?

You get a notification when you get a mention in the tweets from the account you are not following.

How to Manage Twitter Mentions from the people you do Not Follow?: eAskme

You will have the feature to “unmention yourself.”

When you untag yourself from the tweet, the publisher of that tweet will not get any notification.

You can also choose to unmention yourself from the tweet of the people you do not follow.

How to prohibit mentions?

With this new feature, Twitter users can restrict some account from mentioning them.

How-to-Proactively-Control-mentions-on-Twitter: eAskme

You will have another option to allow Twitter mentions from the people you follow.

Twitter user can also pause all the mention from any account.

How to Control Mass mentions on Twitter?

If massive Twitter users start mentioning an account at once, then the user will get notifications about it.

The alert will display the number of mentions and the number of people who have mentioned the user.

User can review the Tweets.

At this time, the user can pause all mentions.

When Will Twitter launch the Twitter unmention feature?

Till now, Twitter has not said about the launch date of the unmention feature.

Twitter has shared this information to get feedback from users.


To unmention you on Twitter is by blocking the user or making your account private or mute conversation.

These are not the best solutions.

We are waiting to see when Twitter will launch this feature and will update you with the same.

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