Twitter Fleets Died Today: What's Next?

Twitter launched the stories-like feature Twitter Fleets in November 2020. But within just nine months, they decided to shut down Twitter Fleets feature.

They are giving because Fleet has not performed the way as expected by the Twitter team.

Twitter Fleets was twitter’s strategy to attract people to spend more time by indulging in conversations.

Twitter Fleets Will Shutdown on August 3, 2021: eAskme
Twitter Fleets Shutdown on August 3, 2021: eAskme

But, Twitter Fleets has failed to attract users.

Only the active users have used the Twitter Fleets, but the company targeted the new users or less active users.


Twitter Fleet's failure has made the brand learn that users love sharing media files.

This will help Twitter to work on tweet composer.

Camera and Tweet Composer will capture full-screen view, gif stickers, and text formatting. Twitter has experienced the use of full-screen ad formats.

What Happens After Twitter Fleets Shutdown?

Twitter is replacing Fleets with Spaces.

Even after Fleets, Twitter will still keep testing new features to improve engagement and conversations.

Stay tuned with us to learn when Twitter will launch new features.

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