June 18, 2021

Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For Newsletter Signups

Twitter Subscribe button for newsletter signups is finally here.

Twitter users can subscribe to email letters on the people profiles they are following.

This subscription feature will let users signup and receive emails.

Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For Newsletter Signups: eAskme
Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For Newsletter Signups: eAskme

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Twitter has recently acquired Revue, and Revue technology is behind the new Twitter Subscribe button.

Once the user signup, he will start receiving emails associated with that account.

Here is what Revue shared about this feature:

Subscribe button will display below the user profile.

Twitter Newsletter Subscribe Button: eAskme

On Twitter, users will also see the name, description and number of subscribers.

After subscribing, the user will see a notice telling that the email address will be sent to the creator.

There the user can check the sample issue by clicking “Read a Sample Issue.”

Twitter Subscribe to Newsletter: eAskme

User also has to check email and click on the email subscription confirmation link.

Twitter Confirm Your Subscription: eAskme


This feature will also help to avoid accidental signups.

In the next few weeks, Revue users will start seeing this feature.

Who can use this feature?

A Revue newsletter user can activate the email subscription feature for Twitter.

It will also help Twitter users to monetize email newsletters.

Revue users can send free or paid newsletters. Twitter will take 5% of revenue from the paid newsletters.

It is a good feature as it will help you to build an email list using Twitter.

Launch Date:

There is no official launch date of the Twitter email subscription feature.

Android and desktop users will start getting this feature first, and later it will work for iOS users also.


Paid email subscription will be more beneficial if you integrate it with Twitter blue.

Twitter Blue is a premium feature on Twitter that gives exclusive features to the users for a small fee. It is already running in some countries.

YouTube Premium and Amazon prime are the perfect examples of how brands offer premium features by charging a small monthly fee. Brands also pay content creators for their contribution to the brand or channel.

Twitter users can also try the same by clubbing Revue with twitter Blue. Again, this will increase value for the premium members.

It is still too early for Twitter to do everything.

So we are keeping an eye on every update for you.

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