May 25, 2022

How to Attract More Customers Using Your Creativity?

The advent of digitization over the last two decades has enabled millions of people to approach the world of the Net.

Its incredible opportunities are making their lives easier and significantly streamlining a large number of procedures and processes in which they were engaged daily, such as online shopping or payments made electronically.

How to attract more customers using your creativity?: eAskme
How to attract more customers using your creativity?: eAskme

For companies, all this translates into the possibility of reaching a considerably larger number of potential consumers, drawing them from the inexhaustible reservoir represented by the internet, the web, but also social media.

The habits of the public are changing extremely rapidly.

In the last two years (for reasons of force majeure), this process has accelerated further, leading even the less experienced (such as the elderly and people over 60) to familiarize themselves to an unprecedented extent with everything to do with the new media, with the new communication devices, especially tablets, mobile phones, and smartphones.

The use of these tools has now become part of the daily lives of millions of people, even those who were very unfamiliar with these technological devices before 2024.

People have also started to consider the most popular social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, as real media, sources of information to be used not only for their entertainment but also to inform themselves about world events and what concerns them personally.

A Precious Opportunity for Brands:

Brands, therefore, have a valuable opportunity to use the web and social media to attract new customers, creating interesting content that captures their attention and induces them to make a purchase or perhaps to subscribe to a newsletter.

But it is not easy to stop the attention of the new network users, of the social media users who have survived Covid-19.

These people are far from naive, and in a very short time, they have learnt to recognize organic content from a sponsored advertisement and have come to ignore it almost automatically.

The narrowing of the digital divide has also increased people's awareness, making them much more prepared and experienced in recognizing all the advertising lures that brands scatter across the web and social media pages.

Therefore, all that remains for companies to do is to take a step forward, devising increasingly effective communication strategies capable of catching the eye of the potential consumer, even if only for a few moments.

In online communication, what counts most of all is the quality of the content, its ability to move the observer and strike him directly to the heart, almost forcing him to stop the thumb with which he is scrolling through his social network feed and reading the message.

When this has been achieved, the brand can certainly consider itself satisfied because its content will have already deposited in the consumer's mind a positive first impression, a pleasant association that could lead him, in a few seconds, to make a purchase or even just a simple action that promotes him from passive user to potential customer.

The Power of Content:

To attract users' attention, the brand may also decide to create free ad-hoc content that may be of some practical use to its future consumers, such as guides, information brochures, or virtual discussions focused on a certain subject.

Suppose the top figures of a company or brand, together with their close collaborators, decide to organize a live broadcast on Instagram or Twitch and invite their audience, allowing them to intervene.

In that case, they will make decisive steps forward to retain their target audience and create useful, interesting, and immediately usable content for their audience.

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At that point, your consumer will never leave you again.

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