April 19, 2022

How Social Media Marketing can Make or Break your Brand?

Social media was initially quite a niche segment; now, there are more social media niches for every topic, business, and individual than could have been imagined.

This has, in essence, changed the way business and marketing are conducted.

How Social Media Marketing can Make or Break your Brand?: eAskme
How Social Media Marketing can Make or Break your Brand?: eAskme

The various social media platforms are now way too big to ignore, hence the rise of social commerce.

Socials are now used to sell and market more than ever before- it's some of the biggest business there is.

Social media influencer marketing - The ups:

Social media influencer marketing is the biggest marketing change and trend in the last decade of marketing.

It was a term that had not been heard of in marketing circles ten years ago and now dominates online forums and discussions.

It's about being able to do, buy and experience what our social and media heroes and heroines are doing.

It's almost as simple as the fact that if a major influencer like Cristiano Ronaldo drinks water and not coke, that can cause one of the largest drinks companies in the world to lose 3% on their share price overnight.

As well as this, social media influencer marketing can build awareness for a brand and get more people to engage and talk about it, which can help attract more people to the brand.

Many gambling companies use this technique to get people interested in their services, with many of them going viral due to getting famous sporting figures on board. If you're looking for good gambling activity, UK slots are growing in popularity; be aware that it's 18+ - please gamble responsibly.

Social misinformation - The downs:

Just as social media platforms are a great place to share and build a brand that is doing amazing things and producing the products of the future, it is the same social that can be used to spread misinformation about the brand.

This will cause the brand reputation considerable damage and has become a source of immense business risk.

Most businesses are now online and allow any of the customers and followers to write reviews and comments about service, products, and even just personal opinions of the brand.

Any social interactions around the brand that you market or are attempting to build must be done professionally and carefully.

It may just be social media, but it is the new Colosseum of brands and products; a bad review, an unhappy customer, or a faulty product design will herald a litany of comments and replies.

An entire thread could be dedicated to your failure.

Or you need an unhappy irrational customer with an axe to grind, and they can mess up your brand online.

The fact that your brand needs to be online is undisputed; however, you need to be extremely careful as to which social media platforms or brand ambassadors/influencers that you choose to use as one mistake on social media lasts a long time and has been the downfall of many a brand.

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