March 25, 2021

5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business in 2024

By Sona Mathews

With the omnipresent social media influence, it is hardly possible to imagine that somebody may ignore social media platforms as effective means for business promotion and entrepreneurial growth.

Utilizing social media for marketing allows a business owner to reach potential clients faster, in much more impressive volume, and pretty much in various parts of the world.

However, to reveal the maximum potential of SMM you have got to know the rules it plays by. The trick is that these rules change fast, almost daily.

5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business in 2024: eAskme
5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business in 2024: eAskme

Other people are atHow to Restore Your Social Media Reputation?

To make things work needs constant tweaking and rapid adjusting to novelties.

What was bringing traffic to your website yesterday might be a long-gone history today.

Let’s have a look at what 2024 has for you in terms of social media promotion.

Shift to video:

Request for videos as the means of brand presentation is increasing rapidly. Video content prevails over the written one and helps to generate more leads.

A personalized approach to video-making ensures you transmit your message correctly and make it provoke the right action which is a subscription, purchase, or an order.

Should it be reminded that the design for your video should be a visual representation of your mission ( make an eye-catching YouTube banner, pick suitable templates using a YouTube banner maker, choose the right color palette, etc)?

Also, bear in mind that, even though your social media accounts get to be optimized to fulfill the mission - positive rates of ROIs, you still have to bear in mind the audience on the other side of the screen.

LinkedIn and Instagram might differ in the population they host and content they process.

Mingle with your audience:

People hate it when it is “ just about money “.

Your audience is willing to know that you care.

Mingle with your audience:5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business: eAskme

Make sure you appreciate when they tag your products and add them to your stories, praise them for their trust in your brand and its potential.

Have a contest, arrange QAs, entice those that are in doubt (befriend your analytics to know how to do that the most working way), create surveys.

Your audience loves to be involved and to have their opinions matter.

By doing this, you create a positive image of your niche and let the organic reach expand.

Tell your story:

Bring more fiction to your social media account.

Tell your story:5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business: eAskme

People, social creatures, sympathize, get impressed, inspired, etc. In general they experience the myriads of feelings.

Therefore, touch with the text of how the idea of the brand appeared.

Preferably divide it  into several parts, for creating suspense and provoking more engagement on your page.

Share success moments and the moments of total failure ( and, of course, how you have overcome them).

Think through every word you chose to compose.

Lean towards the powerful words, and yet don’t lose the authenticity of the message.

Your audience should not just be pushed to buy ( or at least, they should not feel that, even though it is a goal).

Tell the story to provoke action ( solely your audience's decision), make them realize the value, and get settled in their memory deep, so that they consider you, either for their next purchase, or for forever cooperation.

Stop running on empty:

Whether you are aiming at increasing your brand awareness, or you are seeking insights into how to increase your organic reach and generate more leads, make sure to set goals.

Stop running on empty:5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business: eAskme

SMART goals...achievable, measurable in alignment with the reality your business is in.

Do not use social media just for the matter of using and then “oh, surprise -  some sales have happened”.

In order to progress you have to have the means to observe it and trace its milestones.

When the goal is set and something prevents you from achieving it - this is even better. Analyzing what goes wrong, refurbish, and grow more.

Befriend Metrics:

Be always on the watch...

Befriend Metrics:5 Smart Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business: eAskme

On the watch for metrics indicators:

Analyze your hashtag performance -  see which ones are mostly associated with your business.

All the data you obtain serves you well in essential changes for growth and evolution.

Yes. it may not be a new strategy for 2024, however, still crucial to remind about and always implement.

No need to do something in vain just for the sake of doing.

Your online presence should be result-oriented, otherwise money and resources spent go by the board.


Catching up with the options that the social media platforms provide ensures your entrepreneurial activity to thrive.

Whether you are just making the first steps in your business, or maybe you are a proud owner of a recognizable brand, social media presence is equally vital.

It is not a still matter. Social media platforms get upgraded with phenomenal speed.

As a business person who longs for constant improvement and skyrocketing conversions, it is highly recommended that you catch up with all the features added and trends set.

This will be a huge contribution to the marketing campaign you already run successfully.  

If you want to know more.....Stay tuned with us to stay updated.

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