December 20, 2018

Essential Social Networks for Graphic Designers

If you are studying or have finished a graphic design course and want to dedicate yourself to it professionally, it is important that you create your own professional brand. There are many factors involved, but social networks can help you with this task.

An adequate presence in the network can open many paths and get more visibility, let us know, contact potential customers with whom to collaborate and develop different projects.

Essential Social Networks for Graphic Designers: eAskme
Essential Social Networks for Graphic Designers: eAskme
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According to the latest study on social networks achieved by an association that represents the sector of digital media advertising, 81% of net users aged 16-55 use social networks, which means more than 15 million users with an average of almost three hours of consultation per day, being the best rated after Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Note: Free Instagram likes have proven to increase engagement and sales, you can utilize it for your business.

But in addition to these networks, which are the most favored and known, there are others more specific for creatives and designers, where we can share, exhibit and discuss our work, with the likelihood of creating an impressive portfolio.

These are some of the networks that can help you create a good online image:


Surely you already know this network to share photographs, but you can use this tool more creatively, take precedence of it to design an online catalog of our work, gain a presence on the Internet and improve our personal brand, as well as generate community around of the same.


Another social network to share photos. Serious and professional photographers use this network. It ensures you to create a portfolio with an impeccable appearance, create visual stories or a complete photoblog.


Directed practically to designers and artists. It has a small inconvenience since you have to go through a "casting" to be accepted. In return, some companies ask certain professionals for their profile in Dribble because if they accept you, it is because you are supposed to have a good quality to be hired.


Online community for designers. It is effortless to erect a portfolio to show the different projects that have been made, thanks to a subdomain can be easily shared. You have no limit of images or videos. It also has an employment exchange. We can contact other artists and receive comments on the work.


A new app that is presented as an alternative to Instagram. Basically, its functions are the same,but it has many more editing tools and social tools.

Pamamo (mostly for Spaniards):

It is the social network for new artists. Everyone who wants to can share their work on this platform. They have a space for ideas to flow, as well as to comment on the work of other people.

Knowledge and inspiration is the engine of graphic designers. It is not essential to be constantly updated but to want to broaden horizons. It is obligatory to remove the fear of sharing and making oneself known. People reward anyone who proposes ideas and novel contents, whether they are texts, links, music, videos, images.

Obviously, in addition to having a profile in different social networks, it is vital to have a web page where we can show our portfolio, show updated, interesting, reliable and valuable information about our activity, experience, trajectory and also ideas, projects, and themes of interest.

In this you have to be constant and never make excuses: if the content is not up to date, it is likely that visitors do not come in contact with the idea that those responsible for the website will not respond by this means.

Final Words

Social media has come to stay and will keep developing with fierce strength. As a designer, you need to follow this same pattern and develop fiercely with it too; this will ensure you remain top of the game always.

We need to utilize social networks smartly to strengthen ourselves.

It is essential to understand that we have to show our work to the digital world and at the same time take advantage of what it can contribute and the savings that it can imply in everything that supposes diffusion.

Doing it well requires a strategy, clear objectives, and constant measurement.

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