April 28, 2022

The Easiest Payment Options for US Online Businesses

For every company, financial issue is always crucial. They always take care of reliable banks and options for transactions.

A wise approach might not just save their time and make financial operations easier but also prevent any problems with their funds.

The Easiest Payment Options for US Online Businesses: eAskme
The Easiest Payment Options for US Online Businesses: eAskme

Our article will observe the key banking methods and describe the most popular ones for US small businesses.

Banking options and their types:

A payment tool is a way selected to pay for services or products.

Today, all the existing methods offer various tools to fulfill financial operations.

And if for land-based stores, the tools are comparatively limited (they include bank cards, gift cards, cash, prepaid cards, and mobile payments), for eCommerce businesses, the opportunities keep becoming wider.

All the banking methods can be divided into the following categories:


This method allows using cash and bills to pay. A few years ago, this was one of the leading forms of payment. However, both businesses and plain people today are more likely to choose an alternative.


  • It’s possible to obtain money immediately
  • There’s no need to wait until the transaction is processed
  • There’re no fees, which is important for small businesses


  • High risks of theft
  • Mismanagement of money
  • More people prefer cards


With certain documents, banks can be authorized to transfer money to a business bank account.

There’re paper and electronic checks. The latest are more widespread today. However, small businesses still use paper variation. It’s a beneficial option for property owners or a law services firm. For the startup, all a person needs is a bank account.


  • Ease of use
  • No necessity to register anything except for a bank account


  • Decreasing popularity
  • There’re bounced checks, which can’t be processed, and businesses will lose money


It’s possible to use cards issued by diverse banks. There’re credit and debit bankcards.


  • Improved cash flow
  • A wider audience
  • A better reputation


  • It’s costly for small businesses due to fees
  • There might be disputes on credit card charges


This option includes all varieties of electronic payments. The same way of authorization is used for bankcards and eChecks.

Online and traditional businesses can use electronic wallets and special apps linked to bankcards.

Among popular tools, we can enumerate Apple Pay and Google Pay.


  • It’s a low-cost way
  • It’s very convenient to use
  • It’s a fast way to fulfill various types of transactions
  • Thanks to an opportunity to count taxes automatically, businesspeople can save time and avoid mistakes


  • There’re fees, which should be paid for additional services (but they are lower compared to the alternative options)


Many people use their devices (tablets and smartphones) to pay for something. There exist diverse tools:

  • Apps for e-wallets
  • Apps for money transfer
  • Payments with a mobile cards reader for bankcards.


  • It’s convenient and fast
  • There’s no need for a customer to have plastic, so the audience can become wider
  • It’s characterized by great accessibility


Business owners are usually required to use special software and equipment for the usage of a method (for example, a card reader)

How to select the best provider for a business?

With a great diversity of methods and payment providers available for businesses today, it might not be easy to make the right decision.

It especially concerns startups and people who have just started their way into the business world.

We offer our recommendations, which can help everyone make the right choice.

The following aspects should be taken into consideration when choosing a payment provider:


It’s advisable to find out how the prices are generated.

Business people should pay attention to the types of transactions that presuppose fees.

The rates should also be considered before making a final decision.

Services and features:

Think about the company you want to choose as a payment provider. Does it offer anything unique and beneficial for a certain kind of business?


It’s a positive thing when potential clients have a choice.

That’s why it’s better to take care of the issue by observing an opportunity to select a preferable tool to make payments.

For instance, the provider might offer to pay with a bank card or a bank transfer.


One of the crucial aspects is the quality of software used by a payment provider.

It should be able to meet certain requirements and easily integrate with a business.


It’s very important to guarantee the security of funds and information for both businesses and clients.

Thus, know more about the measures of protection used by the definite payment provider.

The company should provide fraud protection and make all the transactions secure.

Top tools for small online businesses in the USA:

In the US, the number of online businesses is constantly growing.

Every owner of a small company organized online wants to know which options are used by the best online casino USA and other online companies that managed to succeed.

We offer a few easy and advantageous tools for small online businesses, which are perfect for the US:


It’s a popular payment system with over 300,000,000 users. It’s a fast, easy-to-use, and trustworthy tool that offers a high level of protection and advanced risk management.

If you’re a business owner searching for a standard method for financial operations processing, it’s a perfect choice.

PayPal suits all eCommerce businesses. The system works with bank cards and bank accounts.

As for fees, they might be high if the amount of transactions is big.

The tool has a fixed fee, which totals 30 cents. In addition, you’ll have to pay 2.9% of the amount for all transactions (except for those which are less than 10 USD – they will require a 5% fee).


It’s another secure and comfortable tool that suits online and traditional businesses. It supports various types of payments. Thus, it’s allowed to pay digitally and personally.

The system offers great protection against fraud. In addition, the tool is integrated with famous shopping systems (including Shopify and others).

Stripe accepts over 130 currencies, so it’s possible to work with partners and clients abroad. It’s easy to create an account in the system while the support team assists businesses around the clock.

It’s required to pay a 2.9% fee plus 30 cents per transaction.

Checkout By Amazon:

It’s a comfortable tool that allows creating an account for free and within a few minutes.All you need is to place a special code on your site.

The system allows digital and online payments. The fees are the same as for Stripe. However, the rates will decrease when the sales are over 3,000 USD.

Take care of an online business and its development. Select only reliable and easy-to-use options, which will make transactions easy and convenient for your customers.

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