April 10, 2014

How to Buy Electronics on Amazon

What can be easier than choosing, researching and buying electronics all from home? By going to the Amazon.com you can buy electronics without walking out of house. Here is how you can use the Amazon.com website to get the electronics.

How to Buy Electronics on Amazon : eAskme
How to Buy Electronics on Amazon : eAskme


o    1
Go to the Amazon.com . You will see a search menu  and many advertisements. You can enter the name or type of electronics you want to buy in search field. Choose electronics from the drop down menu, before you click the search button. This will ensure you that you will not get titles of the books for the kind of electronics you are looking.
o    2
Look through the items. Click on the ones that that came up in your search and look most interesting to you.
Read the reviews. Amazon.com usually has several different reviews of each product. These can be helpful in telling you what is best for you. The reviews include written descriptions  as well as star ratings about what the consumer disliked or liked about the product.
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Choose an electronics item to buy. After you've decided which item is best for you, click on the "add to shopping cart" icon on your screen. In the next screen, you can choose to "continue shopping" or "proceed to checkout." If you're ready, hit the "checkout" button.
o    5
Set up account on Amazon.com. This will give you the option to store your billing and shipping information so that in future checkouts will be quicker. At this point you will be asked to enter in your credit card information.
o    6
Look over shipping information clearly, and submit order. After deciding a method of shipping, all you have to do is to buy item by submitting order. Your credit card will be charged, and your order will be in the mail soon.
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