July 06, 2022

20 Killer Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2024

By Sona Mathews
Get more YouTube Subscribers; this is the most common job of every video content marketer. Running a YouTube Channel without subscribers is like running a restaurant without customers. Everything you create you have to digest yourself, and all the efforts are for nothing.

Video content is the more effective way to improve your content marketing strategy. It not only educates others effortlessly but also quality videos impress the viewers and grab the viral number of shares on social media.

When it comes to video content marketing, you cannot ignore the most significant video platform YouTube.

YouTube is the leading online platform for video sharing, video marketing and video blogging.

20 Killer Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2024: eAskme
20 Killer Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2024: eAskme

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The best thing about YouTube is that it is free and still you can attract million of traffic every day.

Do you think that YouTube is the only player?

Think Again.

Facebook and Twitter have also launched their video marketing platforms. But, right now they are nothing as compared to YouTube.

If you have a Youtube Channel that means you are always in need to get more YouTube Subscribers.

You keep searching on Google about;
  1. How to get more Youtube Subscribers?
  2. How to increase views on YouTube Videos?
  3. How to increase Youtube earning?
These are few of the most common questions asked by every YouTuber or vblogger.

YouTube has a high potential to deliver millions of views to every YouTube video. No matter you are a celebrity or just a geek, you can still attract the good number of views of your videos on regular basis. YouTube also work as the video search engine.

YouTube is not there only to listening songs or watch movies but also for video marketing, branding, spreading word or ideas and even educating people.

Video marketing with YouTube is the easiest way to boost your reach to the common people and video lovers. It also helps to get connected with your followers.

As a blogger,s you can leverage YouTube to boost colossal traffic and followers.

Tip: To become successful on YouTube, you need to get more subscribers regularly.

Today I am sharing a very detailed YouTube subscriber guide with you. Read it carefully. For best results read the whole post from beginning to the end.

20 Killer Ways to Get more YouTube Subscribers in 2024:

I encounter many people every day claiming that this year they will create a YouTube channel, but in the end they do nothing.

There are many who create channels but not able to make money with YouTube.

You need to revamp YouTube channel and these killer ways will help you get more Youtube subscribers in 2024.

What I am going to share is something that always worked for YouTube masters and what work for them will surely work for you also.

Create a Script or Plan for your videos:

Planning is the very first thing to do even before you launch something. You should plan carefully what you are going to feature or share on your YouTube channel.

After that, plan the structure of your YouTube videos.

Running a YouTube channel is similar to running a blog. You need a niche, and you need to create video content. The best is when you create YouTube channel with interest.

Have you ever watched a movie?

What a silly question!

You know that movies based on some scripts.

Why they need scripts?

Because, scripts help them perform better and stop stammering when talking.

Same way script for YouTube videos helps you to organize YouTube videos smoothly. Scripts also help you to stay on track when creating a video. Script also makes it easy for you to create a flow in your video and generate focused video for YouTube.

When creating video script, you need following things;
  • Words you will say in the video
  • Actions you will be covering in your video.
  • Main points where you need to put stress.
  • Use the language according to your target audience.
  • Call to action, such as (click on the link below or subscribe my YouTube channel or view next video etc.)
When writing script for the video, focus on your target audience. Make the script easy to understand even for a layman.

Before creating a script ask following questions to yourself;
  • Is your audience technically savvy? 
  • Are they from English speaking countries or not? 
  • Are they smart or layman? 
  • Do they like the informative or funny content?

Produce engaging, evergreen and viral video content:

Produce engaging, evergreen and viral video content: eAskme

You want to create a video that go viral, and then you need to focus on building highly engaging, entertaining and informative content. You cannot afford to lose control in the middle of the material as it will cost you severely.

You should put complete focus on making the whole video entertaining and flowing in the right way.

There are tons of videos available on every niche. Why should people watch your videos and subscribe your channel?

You need to give your readers something extra. Your job is to make video content not just engaging and informative but entertaining. The more engaging content you create the more users engage with your channel.

You must keep the balance between fun and educational content. This tip always works with content marketing.

What I recommend to you is that you should create evergreen videos that burst like anything. If you only focus on burst videos, then you will get unlimited hits but for a short period.

Evergreen videos will work for a long time. You will also get archived views. These type of videos stay relevant for long enough.

It is easy to hit the publish button. But your job is to make sure that the whole content is highly engaging, entertaining and add value to the audience experience.

Increase Uploading Frequency:

Increase Uploading Frequency: eAskme

You should increase creating and uploading frequency of your videos.

I know it is not easy but this is the key to attract more views and keep the visitors on your channel for longer time.

People love to subscribe channels with a lot of content. People only subscribe to your channel if they find ample amount of engaging videos. Subscribers want more videos from you.

If you do not create content regularly, then they will move to other channels.

There are already many channels similar to your channel. If you do not produce content regularly, then you cannot make them love your channels, and they will fall for others.

It is your job to offer more and more entertaining content regularly to make people visit your channel again and again.

Only a consistent YouTuber can build evergreen relationship with his subscribers.

If your competitors are publishing one video every week then you should be publishing more videos every week.

Always work according to the schedule. This helps your audience know when you will upload new videos. If you go against the schedule, then you will lose a lot of views. Your consistency will help you here.

Optimize your video titles:

20 Killer ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2019: eAskme

Making your title clear enough to be recognized or identified is an essential method for YouTube success.

You can take the YouTube title optimization to the next level by giving your videos unique names. This will spread curiosity, and people fall for your content quickly.

Optimized titles play an essential role to boost your social proof, and you will be getting more views on favorite videos.

Not just that, but you should also optimize video titles with SEO to get maximum from YouTube marketing.

Let’s see how you can optimize YouTube titles to improve video search.

Use Keywords in Title:

It is always a good idea to keep the main keyword in your title. Keyword in the title helps Google bots to find out what your video is about.

Google Adwords:

You should also use Google AdWords to find what queries people are using to search the web. Always stick to search for high volume but will low competition.

Make title short and straightforward:

Keep the title of your videos upto 66 characters. Also, use YouTube in the title.

Descriptive Titles:

In YouTube, descriptive titles work better. Make it clear that what the video is all about.

Engaging Title:

The easiest way to make more people click on your videos is by making title quirky. The more traffic your video will generate the higher it will rank in YouTube search.

Never use “Video” in the title:
Using video in the title will not help in ranking better in YouTube search results. Everyone knows that the content on YouTube is a video. So do not waste the space.

Writing optimized, catchy and relevant titles will help you.

SEO optimize video description:

SEO optimize video description: eAskme

Now you know how to SEO optimize your video title, the next thing is to optimize your video description.

You cannot ignore the importance of SEO optimized YouTube video description.

SEO optimized description not only help search engine to understand what your video is all about but also help the audience to find the video smoothly.

You should optimize the video description as you tune the description of your blog post. Do not make it too lengthy.

Use the keyword in the description but avoid keyword stuffing.

Keep the description authentic and easy to understand even for visitors.

Optimize Meta tags:

Google keyword planner is the tool that you need to find the relevant keywords for YouTube videos.

Adding relevant keywords to YouTube videos make them easily discoverable by YouTube search and Google search.

When adding keyword makes sure you do research.

Adding keywords improve the discoverability of your videos. It grabs you more views and subscribers

Youtube Hack: Find the meta tags of favorite videos and get the idea from there.

This video will help you

Channel Customization is necessary:

Channel Customization is necessary: eAskme

The best way to make your Youtube channel look unique and make people trust your brand is by making most of YouTube Channel customization.

When optimizing your channel, you need to look professional. It will help to build trust and earn respect.

Are you already running a blog on the niche related to your YouTube channel? If yes, then add all the necessary elements to make your channel more appealing.

Use the similar color theme, fonts or brand images to establish your channel. It will help you turn your new channel into a brand in real time. You can also hire a professional designer to create an optimized YouTube channel art.

Also, use design elements in your Youtube Channel header.

At last of customization, optimize your YouTube Channel bio and custom URL. Keep the channel bio short and useful. Also link back to your blog in the description.

Use personalized YouTube Video Thumbnails:

Use personalized YouTube Video Thumbnails: eAskme

This is what every Youtube channel follows these days.

Create a custom YouTube video thumbnail for every single video.

Use relevant images and annotations in custom thumbnails. This will improve YouTube videos Click through rate (CTR). Annotations help your audience find out what the video is all about.

YouTube also help you to select custom thumbnails from;
  • 1/4th mark
  • ½ mark
  • 3/4th mark
Choose which suits the best.

Create highly engaging Youtube channel trailer:

Do you know how important a trailer is?

Trailers are so important that people spend hundreds of dollars to improve them.


Your channel trailer attracts people to watch movies.

The same thing applies to vblogging. When creating a YouTube channel, you should optimize and create a highly engaging channel trailer.

Channel trailer automatically play when someone is visiting your channel.

Channel trailer is what attracts your audience.

When creating a channel trailer do not make it too long. Keep it short and simple. Keep the length of your YouTube channel trailer between 30-60 seconds.

Create HD videos.

If you are brave to face the camera, then you can create your own scripted yet engaging and informative trailer.

Share your YouTube trailer on social networks also. Your channel trailer also helps you to get YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Channel reports tell you if your channel trailer is boring or engaging.

Keep experimenting till you find the best trailer for your YouTube channel.

Use YouTube Call to Action annotations:

YouTube Call to action annotations is there to help you to engage the audience with your videos quickly.

Call to action annotation can be used in both good and bad ways. It is your job to use them wisely.
If you use annotation in the best way, then you will get more subscribers quickly whenever a new user clicks them.

You can quickly add a subscribing call to action in your video, and your channel subscription grows like anything.

Professional YouTubers always use annotations to boost subscribers.

You can also use graphics with the call to action annotations.

All you need to make sure that they are unobtrusive.

Remember: You cannot make them collide with user experience or they will push away your audience.

Use them wisely.

Use Right Tools for Video creation and marketing:

The Internet has filled with tons of marketing tools to help you do the job efficiently.

When it comes to YouTube or video marketing, I recommend you to utilize the available tools.

You can use tools to create videos, promote videos and also to improve social engagement of your videos.

Tools will also help you to increase organic views. More organic views will help you quickly attract more channel subscribers.

Make it easy to subscribe:

Make it easy to subscribe: eAskme

A simple formula that works even for a layperson is that the more eyes will see YouTube subscription button the more chances you have to get YouTube subscribers.

It is easy.

YouTube allows you to add the link to your blog or website. There is nothing terrible doing it.

It works as add-on benefit when you are directing your YouTube viewers to your website or blog. It also helps to build trust when the audience finds the similarity between your site and channel on YouTube. This helps to turn your channel into the brand on YouTube.
  • Go to your YouTube Page
  • Go to channel settings
  • Add website or Blog address in channel description.
You should also add a channel subscription button on your blog to quickly make your blog visitors become subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Keep the video short and entertaining:

20 Killer ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2019: eAskme

Image credits: Buffer

There is no doubt that YouTube has millions of lengthy and highly detailed videos. But when it comes to creating highly converting video, videos with 3-7 minutes in length works the best.

Comscore study of YouTube has disclosed that the average length of YouTube Videos was 4.4 minutes.

This can be the magical length for a newbie Youtuber.

You should keep your YouTube videos short, entertaining, engaging and informative but fewer than 5 minutes until you reach a respectable number of followers.

Youtube Intro and Outro:

Want to turn your Youtube channel into a brand and boost subscribers then you should optimize your videos with YouTube Intro and Outro.

These will make your video quite engaging and entertaining.

Intro and outro tell how professional you are and help to build trust and leave the brand impression.
An engaging intro makes the reader watch the whole video.

Edit your videos:

Edit your videos: eAskme

Editing is fun but only if you love it.

When your goal is to get youtube subscribers, you cannot just create and publish the videos. As without editing you will be posting tons of errors in each video. A video with error will destroy the reputation of your channel, and no one subscribes your channel.

It is necessary to edit your YouTube videos and publish only the best ones.

Cut all the unnecessary elements from the video and keep only engaging content.

Take multiple shots to find the best view.

You can use various video editing tools such as Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Studio or Apple final cut.
Use the professional tool you are comfortable with.

End the video with significant points:

The success of an online video depends on how you end the video.

Ending the video on a high note or a strong point is the key to boost social share, views, and subscribers.

Add the call to action, ask your viewers to subscribe the channel, like the video, press the bell icon for notifications, check your website, etc.

Finish your video with confidence.

Appreciate your audience for their time.

Collaborate with YouTube influencers:

Collaborate with YouTube influencers: eAskme
Influencer marketing is the easiest way to get heard or viewed.

Collaborate with top or amazing YouTube content creators.

Collaboration always helps everyone.

The best way to reach out YouTube influencer is to offer them an opportunity to work together to create something interesting.

It will help you quickly grab more eyeballs and grow YouTube subscribers.

Interact with regular viewers:

The best way to grow your YouTube channels is by interacting viewers on every possible platform.
You can share your YouTube videos on various social networks and interact with the people who like, comment or even dislike your videos.

It will help to improve fan base and also improve the quality of your videos. Reply to every comment that you get on your videos.

Run Giveaways:

Run Giveaways: eAskme

Running giveaways is one of the easiest ways to attract people subscribe your channel or engage with it.

You can run giveaway or contest where you reward not only new but current followers as well.
You can also keep the brand image with your contest.

You can offer giveaways like;
  • Tech gadgets
  • T-shirts with your logo
  • Free software
Everyone loves free products. The best is that they will share the contest or giveaway with all their friends and help you get more YouTube subscribers.

This way you attract easy promotion.

You can make users follow all your social channels to enter in the contest.

Social Media Promotion to get YouTube subscribers:

Social Media Promotion to get YouTube subscribers: eAskme

It is the need of the time to stay active on multiple social media networks.

Social media networks boost the discoverability of your brand. The more networks you cover, the more chance you have to grow.

In the beginning, it may not be possible for you to cover all the social networks.

You should at least be active on popular social networks such as Facebook, Google, Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

You can also add Pinterest, snapchat, etc. in your list. You can quickly schedule social sharing on multiple networks using the buffer.

You can also use YouTube ads, Facebook ads and Google ads to promote your content and get more YouTube subscribers.

You can also share the videos with your friends and ask them to subscribe and share.

These are the exclusive ways to build the brand on YouTube successfully.

Challenge: get first 1000 YouTube subscribers in 30 days.

An aggressive approach is a key to attract first 1000 subscribers on YouTube channel.

Remember: Just creating the channels and uploading videos is not enough as long as you are not promoting them.

Promotion helps you in every possible way to turn your channels into a brand.


When it come sot create videos and create a brand on YouTube, you need to keep experimenting.
What work for others may not work for you!

 So, you need to discover the best possible ways to grab attention. Keep experimenting using above techniques. Also, analyze the behavior of the audience on your channel.

It takes time, efforts, commitment and passion for becoming a brand on YouTube. With patience, you can achieve your goals.

These are the most effective strategies to get more YouTube subscribers in 2023.

What are your strategies? How you improve your videos? How you grow YouTube subscribers?

What do you think about these 20 Killer ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2023.

Do share via comments.

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