July 15, 2018

What is Guest Blogging : Guide

Are you running a blog? or Do you want to promote personal brand? Are you an Internet entrepreneur? Do you want to be a great business net worker? Do you want to learn how a single guest article increase your brand awareness ? If you have these question, then this is Guest Blogging guide is for you.

Internet era is social media crazy these days. But if you overdo on social media then you may ignore few other important ways to promote your brand online.

Guest Blogging: eAskme
Guest Blogging guide : eAskme
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If you are new to Blogging, then you may have this question that what is guest blogging and what is it`s need. So today I will try to cover most of the things about guest blogging in this article.

I have found the easiest way to build your own brand online and that is guest blogging. Now let`s see what is guest blogging and how can it help you build a brand.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is one of the best way to share valuable content with readers. You have to share it yourself, what you have not published already. You have to publish those articles on someone else’s blog this whole process is called “Guest blogging”. But if you think that guest blogging is same like submitting articles to directories, then I like to say a big "NO".

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Difference between Writing for Article Directories and Guest Blogging

  • Guest blogging and submitting articles to article directories are only similar in one way and that is in both ways you submit articles on other platform. The difference is how to do it and what audience they attract.

  • Guest blogging is mostly work on “Niche Targeted” blogs but article directories are GMPC sites. 

  • There is a great bond between between blog owner, guest bloggers and  readers. That’s why guest articles attract valuable comments and interaction than article directories. 

  • Today we will discuss steps to increase brand awareness online with guest article. So we will discuss how to strategically use a single guest article to increase brand awareness. Just sit calmly and read now.

  • Anyone can write guest article but we will discuss how to maximize effect of guest article. That`s what we discuss today. We also discuss why you should write guest article for other sites.
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Guest Blogging Guide for Beginners

Guest blogging is a guerrilla marketing tactic.When you share quality articles on authority sites or blogs, it will give blog a competitive edge over other blogs. Let`s see other advantages of Guest Blogging.

How Guest Blogging can Increase your Online Brand Awareness

  1. Guest blogging is known as a powerful Internet marketing strategy. There are bloggers who mostly rely on writing guest articles for other blogs. 

  2. . With guest blogging, you blog will gain maximum exposure and this will increase brand recognition.

  3. . Guest articles help you build online credibility to blog owners and the readers

  4.  Guest blogging is a good “White hat” link building strategy

  5. Guest blogging on strong blogs like Some blogs which are strong in SEO; or which are strong in social media; will boost your rankings and  increase social media presence.
I am going to teach you how to give power to your written articles.

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How to leverage Guest article for Blog brand recognition

a. Write articles on your blog highlighting achievements of your guest blogging efforts. Also link to guest articles you have written. This show that your blog have authority in such field.

b. Brag about your valuable guest articles on social media.

c. Use your guest articles as a case study.

d. When your guest article gets published, then you should interact with those who follow your guest article.

e. Writing several quality guest articles and see the magic.

"We already have seen that the people who write lots of guest articles, they usually get interviewed. Being interviewed on a blog strengthen the bond between you and the readers."

f. You can ask for a special placement of chosen articles, if you have written a considerable number of guest articles. This will help you increase readership and brand image.

g. Write a compelling, unconventional author’s bio.

h. Keep writing and be consistent.

To start with this, you can write a guest post for EASKME or you can find list of blogs that accepts guest posts.

Final Words:

These are the proven strategies. Implement these tactics when writing guest articles. Still wondering, what guest blogging is? be eAsker and ask questions.
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