June 17, 2022

Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners

Many people are new to SEO. But that is no reason to be worried. We will be talking about the most basic essentials of SEO today. Let us call it the golden rules of SEO. Let's start. beginners.

It is all about the user experience.

Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know : The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners: eAskme
Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know: The Ultimate SEO Guide for Beginners: eAskme

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I am not saying that you should ignore importance of keywords, but the better the user experience, the more enhanced the SEO will be.

Anything that improves SEO will in turn improve user experience.


Because to the most basic core of SEO it is about delivering the most accurate to the the right person.
SEO is about what the reader wants.

It doesn't just focus on the visual side of the post. SEO (Search engine optimization) uses the type of search query.

The most basic intentions are as follows

  • To buy something - Transaction search
  • To know something - Information search
  • To go somewhere - Navigation search
For SEO It is about giving the best experience to the user. That is the main goal. So SEO needs to understand how to get the correct searches.

Sitemaps on HTML helps to give crawlability. It also helps readers to go the desired location on a webpage.

Using navigation can be very essential for the reader's experience. As well as helping to give a well structured and organized site. It is also great for crawling and indexing.

Text block is an essential part of SEO, because it creates longtail keyword indexing, as well as semantic relevance.

Do remember that it is important that the reader understand the words used, product and more.

Microdata helps the reader to have a SERP friendly experience. As well as giving an optimized search experience too. Especially schema.org provides this.
To be SEO smart, ethically, professionally. You have to remember that you must focus on your readers.

You need to give them the best experience possible. Search optimization comes second.

Links are very important

Links that is inbound is very important for SEO.

For Google, it is very important to rely on links. Bad links results in penalties. Good links gain rewards.

What is the reward? Rank.

That easy. Inbound links will gain rank.

You not only need good links but you also need to check backlinks by using backlink checker tools and find out which are good and which are not good.

You should also remember that interlinking your old posts is as important as backlinks for your site.

Things SEO Newbies need to know

You have to remember things that affects your site like the size of your site, trust issues, the structure, the quality of your articles and content, the freshness of your site.

here is lots more things too. But one thing remains a fact.

All of these things affect your links some way or another.

For a healthy website its very important to have backlinks that is authoritative. So the question remains, how do i get those links?

This part is very tricky.

Some would call it "earning links" Other would say its :building link"

Then there are those who don't follow any given links as they view as dangerous or not trustworthy.

But as seen on many successful sites showed that through content marketing, yes even on guests blogging, the experience shows only success.
There is other important things too.

Like using a great title tag.

Now what is a title tag?

It is the HTML element that readers see when they are looking at your website on SERP's.

It should describe what the page is about.

To make it easier follow these guidelines

  • Primary keywords
  • Second primary keywords
  • Your brand name at the end
  • Nothing over 60 characters
Do remember that tittle tags are very important.

Because it describes your content the best. So then you have to remember the keywords.

So don't be afraid to use keywords, but at the same time you shouldn't use too many keywords.

Remember that your article content is king

You may have heard this before, but it's because it is true.

For SEO both content and technical side of it is important. If the technical side doesn't work, your site doesn't function well.

So the best thing is to have both. The one isn't more important that the other.

Remember the intention is to have a well functioning website that is optimized that is performing well.
Realize it is important to invest a lot of your effort and your time into your content.

Simple way to put it is to admit that content marketing will earn you money.

But what about SEO?

Well. SEO is about your content, as it works with and through your content.

Now the last thoughts 

SEO still a huge field to explore.

There is meshes and so many digital marketing areas.

It isn't all about having discipline.

It is also a very important fact that your online presence should be seen.

It is the core of your presence.

Yes it is very essential if you want success with SEO.

So the last things to remember about SEO?
  • Its all about the reader's experience.
  • Important to use title tags
  • Your content is king.
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So these are the Things Every SEO Newbie Has to Know.

Did I miss anything? Is there something you would like to tell or share with other readers? I will love to hear from you.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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