April 23, 2014

How to Buy Stuff on Amazon

Amazon.com sells books, music, fitness equipment, furniture, phones, computers, DVDs, CDs etc. You can also find reviews of other buyers for the products and cheaper rates on used and new items.

How to Buy Stuff on Amazon : eAskme
How to Buy Stuff on Amazon : eAskme



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Study "For Sale" categories on Amazon.com. Amazon.com seemingly has almost every consumer goods for sale, from gourmet to handbag items. look through each category according to your interest.

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Choose the items you want. Follow the instructions of the listing and the buyer. Some Amazon sellers might offer a phone number or some might want you to inquire through email or through Amazon directly.

First be sure it is not a scam. There are scammers everywhere on the Internet. It is good to be careful and aware. Do not send money to anyone until you have established personal contact with them and you know they are legitimate.
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Trade emails, phone number, Plan a day for pickup if product is something to be picked up. Set shipping date if you are having items shipped. If price is too high then try negotiating with the owner.
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