November 04, 2014

How to Sell Books on Amazon

Looking to throw your old books or give them away? You ave a chance to make money online selling books. You can sell them on This is a great way to earn a little extra cash  and clear up bookcases. Follow below instructions and you will be ready to start selling!

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How to Write a Product Review on Amazon : eAskme


11.    Get an Account

o    1
Go to "Amazon" website. Click on "Your Account" tab in upper toolbar.
o    2
Enter  your email address. Then another screenwill open to set up your account.
Choose a secure password.
o    4
Register a credit card on . Amazon website will ask you for billing information  and credit card. Then, within a couple of days, Amazon website will contact credit card company to verify your details.
o    5
Wait for confirmation email from that your seller's account has been set up.
o    6
Select shipping method you will offer to your buyers.
o    7
Check that all the details you have submitted are true, and add your book to the Amazon website marketplace.

2 .    Post Your Books

o    8
Search for the title of the books you want to sell.
o    9
From the list of search results, choose the book you wish to sell.
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