April 08, 2014

How to Write a Product Review on Amazon

By Sona Mathews

Product reviews can help customers to find out if a product is worthwhile or not. If you are unsure about which product to purchase, product reviews can help make final decision. Members on Amazon.com have  a chance to write reviews on any product available on their website. 

How to Write a Product Review on Amazon : eAskme
How to Write a Product Review on Amazon : eAskme
o    1
Choose the category suitable for  item. If you have a certain product in mind, find its category on Amazon's site. Category include music, toys, books, DVD's, garden and home.
o    2
Run a search for the product within chosen category. Enter the product's name and look through the returned results to find the item that you want to review.
You have to create an account with Amazon.com in order to write a review.
o    4
You will be asked to rate the item between one to five stars, Before you start writing the review. Superior product get five star and inferior get one star.
o    5
Give title to your review. Make of a catchy review title that will encourage buyers to read your review.
o    6
Keep your reivew concise and short. Give only accurate information that buyers will be interested in reading. Let buyers know the reason  why you gave the product the star rating that you did.
o    7
Review your product and than submit, it will appear on Amazon.com within the week.

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