5 Reasons to Have Facebook

Around more than 750 million people are already on the Facebook. that means they have some reason to use this social network. 

5 Reasons to Have Facebook : eAskme

5 Reasons to Have Facebook ?

Facebook is Free  :
Facebook is 100% free. People spend more than 7 billion minutes on it every month.   Where other time-pass things take money its totally free to use.

Keep Old Connections :
As more than 7 million people on Facebook. It can be benefit that the old friend you are looking for you can find on Facebook easily. You can search people by name, location, workplace. As you find your friend, you can send request and message to your friend.

Keeping in Touch :
Even if you are busy in work or feeling alone or far from your family, with Facebook you can keep in touch with your family, friends and loved ones. You can get updates of all your friends. You can see updates and pictures and share and tag them.

Facebook is Portable :
If you pass time in other things like playing video games  or watching movies these are not portable. But Facebook has this feature that you can use it on the go, on any device that have internet connection. You can even install Facebook android app to all android devices.

Facebook for Business :
If you are a business owner than Facebook is a great place for you to do marketing and grow your business. Even if you are not a business owner you can participate in the contests that are for Facebook users only.

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