July 16, 2014

5 Secrets of Happy Relationship

Happy relationships don`t happen on its own. We need to make efforts for that. Couples should respect, care and understand each other.

5 Secrets of Happy Relationship : eAskme

Discuss Your Issues
Secret to a happy relationship is to learn how to discuss about your issues. There are problems and challenges that can bother you about each other. Only confront your partner on something important or on matters can`t compromise about.

Communicate in a kind way
Usually long term partners develop bad habit of communicating in harsh ways. Rule of happy relationship is that people  should talk respectfully and kindly , compassionately and lovingly, even when you are upset.

Keep Flames of Romance Alive
Romance is the base of a love relationship. Don't get so busy with work, and other responsibilities that it will fade away your romance. Keep dating even after with your marriage with your wife and go out spend time in private with each other only, be intimate. Carve out time each week to be alone together and do something you normally do on dates.

Have Couple Time and Alone Time
The other two secrets are, you should know when to have alone time and Couple time. Having alone allows each partner space and freedom. Having couple time is also important, to grow together and share individual lives. Keep the balance between these two