July 25, 2014

Alternatives of Amazon

Amazon is the world`s No 1 book selling online store. They not only sell books but also sell all other products online. If you want to try alternative of Amazon than here are few.

Alternatives of Amazon : eAaskme

What are the Alternatives of Amazon ?

Barnes & Noble:
Barnes & Noble sells e-books, traditional paper book, music, electronics and DVD`s. It has same shipping and Shopping cart as Amazon. They also sell preboxed collections and gifts.

Borders is a major online bookseller They sell wide variety of downloadable e-book choices and traditional paper book. Borders also sells music downloads, Blu-ray discs, DVD`s, brushes and kits for painting, illustration and Drawing. Borders also offers online gift cards and hot deals.

Best Buy :
Buyers do not prefer Best Buy for books but they like to buy electronics from here. Best Buy sells identical range of music, DVD`s and electronics. They also sell digital audio books, e-books and traditional paper books.

eBay :
eBay not only sell merchant products but also do auctions. Amazon sell everything as gadgets, beauty products, gardening items, home decorations, Furniture and even cars. You an find used products also on Amazon.