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How to Check How Long Someone Was Logged Onto Facebook

For privacy reasons Facebook do not show when someone was login and how long was on Facebook. but if you want to know How Long Someone Was Logged Onto Facebook, than you need that person use Facebook from your computer on Google chrome browser.

How to See How Long Someone Was Logged Onto Facebook ?
  • Download Google Chrome.

  • Go to chrome.google.com then click on the "Chrome Web Store". Enter "Web Time Tracker" in search box then press "Enter". Click on the "Web Time Tracker" extension.

  • Click Install.

  • Right click on the "Web Time tracker" button and click on the hide button.

  • Now if you visit website, it will record time.

  • Type "chrome://extensions" in chrome browser. Press "Enter".

  • On "Web Time tracker" click on show button.

  • Click on "Web Time Tracker" button on browser toolbar to reveal online usage.

  • Click the "Details" link.