July 11, 2014

How to Create Your Website on GoDaddy

By Sona Mathews
With GoDaddy web creation tool WebSite Tonight®, you can easily create web site without wasting time.

How to Create Your Own Website on GoDaddy ?

Set Your Goals
  • Set time of few hours to setup website. General process of getting started is easy, deciding on details will take some time when you create your page .

  • Check WebSite Tonight page of the GoDaddy to understand options of the Website creation. you can find it on "Site Builders" menu. Choice of options depends on how big you want your Website to be. GoDaddy offers different plans for 5 pages or 10-page Websites or Web sites with unlimited number of pages.
  •  Decide how long your site be hosted on GoDaddy. You can choose between a trial option or one or two year plans.

Start Your Own Web site

  •  Go to GoDaddy home page and go to "Site Builders" and you will see a drop down option menu.

  •  Click on the "My Website Account". New page will open, you can sign in there if you are registered with GoDaddy or if you are new than register yourself. Enter details to open new account.

  •  Click on "Create a New Account" button then Choose the package features and pricing that you want to create with your Website. Pay on the "Checkout" page.

Enjoy Your Site

  •     Use WebSite Tonight to create website. Upload graphics and pictures to personalize your website.

  •     Set up an email campaign to tell people about your new website. You can select Express Email Marketing by GoDaddy account.