July 21, 2014

How to Make a Free Blogger Blog

It is easy to make a free blog on blogger.com. Blogger is a free blogging platform.

How to Make a Free Blogger Blog : eAskme

How to Make a Free Blogger Blog ?
  • Go to Blogger.com and register new account if you do not have a gmail account or if you already have gmail account than use same username and password to login in blogger.com.

  • Choose a blog name. Select blog name with good keywords.

  • Choose a template. Blogger give you few templates for free that you can use for your blog.

  • Go to "Settings" and enter a keyword rich description and title for your blog.

  • Click on "layout" to change settings and "Add Gadgets".

  • Go to "Posts".

  • Click on "Write post" to write posts for your blog and click publish after you write each post to get it publish.

  • Make sure that you post quality content and also post frequently.