July 09, 2014

How to Organize Amazon.com Wish List

How to Organize an Amazon Wish List ?

This is a simple rocess with only few steps. If you keep your wishlist in order it will help you to find the exact items without wasting time. here are the steps how you can organize a wishlist on amazon:

  • Login to Amazon.com and Click on the "Wish Lists"  and "Gifts and Wish Lists" on home page.

  • Use the drop-down menus so select the way you want to see wishlist. From the "Show Me" menu, select "All" or"Purchased" or "Unpurchased". You can choose to show items listed by date added or updated, category. ascending or descending prices, priority or title. Your display choices compact or normal,  will be visible to visitors who will visit your Wish List.

  • Set priority of  itesm on WishList by selecting "Lowest", "Low", "Medium", "High" or "Highest".

  • Display the quantity of items.

  • Next to the items add comments.

  • Click on "Save" on each item that you have edited or chaged to update your new settings to your wishlist.

  • Create new Wishlists. Separate extra items on Wishlist will free up space and give you more space to add other items.