How to Publish an eBook on Amazon

Amazon let its users to publish eBooks and show their presence to vast number of readers and kindle owners.
How to Publish an eBook on : easkme

How to Publish an eBook on ?
  • Go to Kindle Direct Publishing platform than click Signing to login with your existing amazon account.

  • Click on the “Add New Title” link  it will allow you to upload your eBook with all details.

  • Select if you want to enroll eBook in KDP select program.

  • Add details of eBook.

  • Upload your eBook`s cover.

  • Select to use Digital Right Management, DRM.

  • Click on "Save and Continue".

  • Select locations where you want your eBook to publish.

  • Set the price.

  • Set the Kindle book lending check-box if you want your users to lend eBook to others for 14 days.

  • Click on Amazon license term checkbox.

  • Click on "Save and Continue".

  • Within 48 hours your eBook will be visible on Amazon.
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