July 12, 2014

How to Sell Used Books on Amazon

People usually buy a book read it once and after that it is getting dust in some corner of shelf. As the world`s largest book seller Amazon also is a largest used book seller. so you can sell your old books there and earn some money.

How to Become an Amazon Seller ?
  • Register your account on Amazon.com

  • Click on "your Account" link at the top right side corner.

  • On next page look for "Your Seller Account".

  • Click on "View Your Amazon.com Payment Page" to setup payment method.

  • Decide mode of payment as Amazon give you option to choose between Amazon gift cards or cash.

  • If you choose gift certificate it will get credite veverytime when anyone make payment.

  • If you choose cash Amazon will ask you to give bank details as it directly transfer payment to your bank.

  • Than click on Continue and you will go back on Sellers page.

How to Sell a Used Book ?
  • Click the "List an Item" link from "Sellers" page to list the book.

  • List the code number or title of the book. On next screen, enter information about the book. Amazon will let you search for your item by the ASIC (Amazon's internal stock number), title or ISBN number (the publisher's number located near the UPC code). Fill this information and then click on "Continue."

  • Select correct item.

  • Write about the condition of the book by Using Amazon's guide for conditions. Click "Continue".

  • Set price of book. Amazon provideyou the avarage price depending on the condition of your book. Enter price in specified line you can also specify whether you will offer any shipping method other than U.S. Postal Service Media Mail. Click on the "List Your Item".

  • Wait for a sale. Your book will be listen online. 

  • Don`t set price too low or too high

  • Amazon will take commission in your sale as listing fee.