How to sign up for Amazon Prime

Sign up with Amazon Prime and take advantage of two day free shipping.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime

How to sign up for an Amazon Prime account ?

  • Login to and go to the middle of the page. Under "Amazon Exclusives", you will see the link "Amazon Prime", click on that. New page will open. now click on "Continue to Free Trial Sign Up" button at the bottom right side of screen.

  • Enter email in "My Email Address is" then click on the circle that shows your account status with Amazon. If you are new customer than select "No, I am a New Customer" or If you already have Amazon account, than select "Yes, I Have a Password", then click on "Sign in Using our Secure Servers".

  • Enter your information. After that click on "Continue".

  • Enter your billing information then click on "Continue" .

  • Click on "Start My Free Trial". To cancel, select "No Thanks" below "Start My Free Trial".