Keys to Happy Relationship

With the passing of time flame in relationship goes dim. To keep this flame grow and be happy is necessary.

Keys to Happy Relationship ?

Communication is the main and most important part of a relationship. No matter how big issues come in life never stop communicating. Talk about everything, praise each other.

Self-Expansion :
Companionship is important but do not lose self identities. Keep self respect, share ideas, listen. Share interests and dont force. You can go individuality with own friends and take individual vacations. 

Keep Everything Exciting :
Keep excitement in relationship. Plan surprises,  keep sensuality and desire. When tired of work and family go out with your love have long drive, go to water parks , hill or anything spontaneous.

Optimism :
Do not take qualities of each other as granted, that you loved once. Praise each other and help in small things. Keep reminding yourself that your love is the same one that you have admired alway and keep admiring those things.

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