How to Cancel Negative Feedback on Amazon

Amazon allow buyers to leave feedback for each purchase they make from third party vendors. They can leave positive and negative both type of feedback. Negative feedback can make your business as seller have negative impact. Offer partial or full refund or exchange of product. try to fulfill customer request.

How to Cancel Negative Feedback on Amazon : eAskme
How to Cancel Negative Feedback on Amazon : eAskme

How to Cancel Negative Feedback on Amazon ? ?
  • Contact your buyer to find out the solution with the customer. You can offer partial or full payment or exchange of product. Do your best to fulfill customer request.

  • Customers can remove negative feedback within 60 days so ask customer to remove negative feedback. Do this after resolving issue with the customer. Honestly tell your buyer that negative feedback affecting your business. Send link of order to click on "Remove" to delete negative feedback.

  • You can ask Amazon to remove negative feedback. Amazon remove feedback only in 3 situations :
  1. IF feedback contains profanity and abusive language.

  2. IF feedback show personal address.

  3. If feedback is just a description.

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