How to Set Up an iMap on Godaddy

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a Internet standard protocols for sending and retrieving emails from the server. allows you to send personalized emails. You can send and retrieve emails through its site. Setting up an iMap on Godaddy is very easy.

How to Set Up an iMap on Godaddy : eAskme
How to Set Up an iMap on Godaddy : eAskme

How to Set Up an iMap on Godaddy ?
  • Open Outllok Express.

  • Click on "Tools".

  • Click on "Account Settings".

  • Click on "New".

  • Select "IMAP".

  • Click on "Next".

  • Enter Name, user id, and enter password twice.

  • Select "Internet Email".

  • Click on "Next".

  • Enter Name, Email Address and select "IMAP" in account type.

  • Enter "" in incoming mail server.

  • Enter "" in outgoing mail server. 

  • Enter email address in "Username" and password of your email address.

  • Choose "More Settings". 

  • Select "Outgoing Server"

  • Click on "My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication". 

  • Click on "Advanced". 

  • if you have selected SSL then use port 993 for your incoming server otherwise use port 143. 

  • For outgoing server use port 25 or 80 or 3535.

  • Click "OK". 

  • Choose "Test Account Settings".

  • Click on "Next".

  • Click on "Finish".

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